Rachel Friedman

Rachel Friedman



Associate Professor (Teaching), Arabic Language and Muslim Cultures

Faculty of Arts, School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures

Contact information


Office: CH D 326


Educational Background

AB Arabic & Theology, Georgetown University, 2010

MA Near Eastern Studies, University of California, Berkeley, 2011

PhD Near Eastern Studies, University of California, Berkeley, 2015


Course number Course title Semester
ALMC 202 Beginners' Arabic I Fall 2022
ALMC 301 Continuing Arabic I Fall 2022
ALMC 204 Beginners' Arabic II Winter 2022
ALMC 303 Continuing Arabic II Winter 2022
ALMC 333 Intermediate Arabic II Winter 2022


  • Wayne O. McCready Emerging Fellow, Calgary Institute for the Humanities. 2022
  • Teaching Excellence Award Honourable Mention, Students' Union. 2022
  • Teaching Excellence Award, Students' Union. 2020
  • Teaching Award (emerging teacher category), Faculty of Arts. 2019


  • The Love of Religion or the Religion of Love? Revisiting the Ġazal of Ibrāhīm ibn Sahl. Revista al-Qantara. (2022)
  • Theological Echoes of Literary Controversies: Reading Abū Bakr al-Bāqillānī’s Iʿjāz al-Qurʾān Text in Light of the Debate over Badīʿ Style. Journal of Arabic Literature. 305-329. (2018)
  • Scriptural Intertextuality in the Poetry of a Late Andalusi Convert. Prooftexts. 335-354. (2018)
  • The Poetics of Devotion in ʿĀʾisha al-Bāʿūniyya’s Praise of God and Muḥammad. The Muslim World. 539-560. (2016)
  • Significant Intersections between Legal and Rhetorical Theories: Lessons from an Interdisciplinary Reading of al-Bāqillānī’s Theory of Language. The Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies. 99-123. (2016)
  • Interrogating Structural Interpretation of the Qur’ān. Der Islam. 130-156. (2012)
  • Locating the Secular in Sayyid Quṭb. Arab Studies Journal. 104-131. (2012)

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