Jan. 6, 2022

Congratulations to Amy Buick

on winning the 2020–21 Mark Grosjean Memorial Scholarship in Political Science!
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The Mark Grosjean Memorial Scholarship in Political Science. This major scholarship recognizes excellence in Political Science and is intended to help the recipient focus on studies and related academic opportunities. One scholarship is offered annually to an undergraduate student entering a third or fourth year in the Faculty of Arts, majoring in Political Science. The scholarship will be awarded based on academic merit. Preference will be given to students in the Honours program and/or those with a demonstrated interest in Political Theory or European Politics. The value of the Scholarship is $5,500.

Established by Grosjean Family & Friends in memory of Mark Grosjean, University of Calgary Honours Student and 2017 Silver Medallion winner for Political Science.


Can you tell us a little about yourself — where are you in your program and how did you come to study Political Science?

I am a fourth-year honours political science major with a minor in law and society. I became interested in political science through grade nine social studies. In the Issues for Canadians textbook, there was an interview of someone who attended an event with a political party who said that it was exciting. This gave me hope for the potential of politics. Throughout the course and high school, I found an interest in political ideologies and the visions those ideologies provided in thinking about issues. This led me to political science and particularly political theory.

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What have your favourite courses or areas of study been so far?

My favourite areas of study have been political theory and law and politics. In political theory, I enjoyed learning about how Plato thought about justice in POLI 310 History of Political Thought, how Kant considered freedom in the POLI 409 Foundations of Modernity, and how Adorno and Horkheimer thought about enlightenment in POLI 411 Recent Critics and Defenders of Modernity. It was also interesting to learn about feminist political theory in POLI 417. I have also enjoyed learning more about the Canadian Charter and the relation between law and politics. I enjoyed courses on international law, human rights, and genocide.

What are you planning next?

Next, I plan to pursue a Master’s in political science, and then I will consider pursuing a doctorate. I intend to continue studying political theory, and I also hope to continue exploring the connection between law and politics.


Congratulations to Amy Buick on your 2020–21 Mark Grosjean Memorial Scholarship in Political Science!

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