International relations


Our International Relations subfield studies the causes and effects of interactions among nation-states and takes into account the influence of international regimes, domestic political institutions, and non-state actors on global governance. The International Relations subfield covers international and civil conflict, strategic studies, international organizations, international political economy and national foreign policy. Current areas of departmental research in this subfield include arctic security, genocide, war and peace, international norms, international law, terrorism, Canadian foreign policy, American foreign policy, and politics of international economic policy.

Jean-Christophe Boucher

Foreign Policy and Analysis, Canadian Foreign and Defence Policy, Conflict Analysis, Computational Social Science

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Gavin Cameron

Intelligence, Strategic Studies, Terrorism, Non-Proliferation of Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Weapons

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Antonio Franceschet

International Political Theory, International Organization, International Law, Ethics

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Maureen Hiebert

International Law, the Laws of Armed Conflict, International Criminal Law, Human Security, Atrocity Prevention

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Rob Huebert

International Relations, Strategic Studies, Canadian Foreign and Defence Policies, Circumpolar Relations, Ocean Politics, Naval Studies, Foreign Policy Studies

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Tareq Ismael

Foreign Policies, Domestic Politics of Middle Eastern Countries

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Terry Terriff

Change in US Military, Changing Character of Warfare, US Security Policy, and NATO/Transatlantic Security Issues

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Kim-Lee Tuxhorn

Political Economy, International Bargaining, Trade, Foreign Direct Investment, Economic Political Behaviour

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