Legal regimes and politics

Research cluster

This cluster examines the complex relationship between law and politics across a number of legal regimes, jurisdictions, legal institutions, personnel, and issue areas. Members of the Legal Regimes and Politics cluster focus on different conceptions of the law (its nature and purpose), the evolution of legal regimes, legal pluralism and the interaction of different legal regimes, the interplay between the courts and political institutions and the public, the role of law in norm generation and internalization, and as a mechanism of socio-political change, control, and legitimation. Research in this cluster involves Canada, other democracies, authoritarian and hybrid regimes, and the international spheres. Issue areas range from the role of Indigenous law in reconciliation and resurgence, interest group legal mobilization, the regulation of international relations and armed conflict, the prevention and punishment of atrocity crimes, the role of law in the perpetration of atrocities.

Ian Brodie

Canadian Law and Politics, Judicial Politics, Interest Group Litigation

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Antonio Franceschet

International Criminal Law, International Organizations, International Courts

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Maureen Hiebert

Comparative Law and Politics, International Law, International Criminal Law, the Laws of Armed Conflict

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Daniel Voth

Indigenous Law and Politics

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