Political Science

Political science is the study of conflict and cooperation within and between societies. Investigate concepts such as justice, liberty, representation and democracy. Learn to make sense of the political world.

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As a political science graduate, you'll be prepared for career opportunities in areas such as politics, the non-profit sector, and the business world. A degree in political science can also be used as a stepping-stone to graduate studies or another professional degree such as law, medicine, veterinary medicine, or education.

Degrees offered

  • BA in Political Science
  • BA Honours in Political Science
  • BA/BEd in Political Science and Education

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Political Science degree programs

BA/Honours in Political Science

Political science is the study of conflict and cooperation within and between societies. In order to make sense of the political world, political scientists investigate concepts such as justice, liberty, representation and democracy. During the course of your studies, you'll gain statistical analysis skills, research capabilities, written and verbal communication skills and knowledge of the international political community. See below content for more details:

Political Science and Bachelor of Education

Get a BA and a BEd within five years. You'll receive two undergraduate degrees and certification through Alberta Education. Be qualified to teach in kindergarten through grade 12 classrooms.

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What skills will I acquire?

Employers today want transferable skills. Can you write and speak well? Solve problems? Plan and organize? Be creative and innovative?

Political Science will teach all this and more. Group projects will train you to lead as well as work with others. Essay assignments, blog posts and book reviews will develop your writing skills. Individual presentations will hone your speaking skills.

You'll also gain area-specific knowledge: The nature of electoral politics. The history of political ideas. The role of gender in politics. Revolutions, global trade, and much more.

What careers might I pursue?

Our graduating students have gone on to successful careers in such fields as:

  • Law
  • Business
  • Municipal, provincial and federal civil services
  • International organizations such as the United Nations and think tanks

Where else might the degree lead?

Considering grad school? Our graduates go into Law, Political Science, Journalism, Public Policy or Business. Or pair your degree with a Bachelor of Education. Many of our students have found success teaching K-12 in the public or private school systems.


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