Honours in Political Science

Students wishing to deepen and broaden their understanding of political science and gain research experience are invited to apply for a BA Honours in Political Science.  The Honours Seminar (Political Science 590) in the Fall explores the scope and methods of the discipline and is an opportunity for students to develop a thesis research proposal. Students who graduate to the Honours Thesis (Political Science 591) in the Winter write a thesis under the professional supervision of a political science faculty member. Further details regarding the program are provided below.

Honour Requirements

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Frequently Asked Questions about our BA Honours Program

The requirements for entry to Honours are detailed in the University of Calgary Calendar at BA Honours Political Science.

Yes. The Department requires that you have an overall GPA of at least 3.6 and also a GPA of at least 3.6 in Political Science courses, above the Faculty of Arts Honour Degrees requirements, and that you will have completed at least 75 units including Political Science 397, 398, and 399 before the Fall Term in which you enroll in Political Science 590, the Honours Seminar.

The requirements for admission to Honours are detailed in the Application to the BA Honours in Political Science. If you meet these requirements complete and submit the form by January 15th of the academic year in which you are applying.


The department will review applications on or shortly after January 15 and send you an email announcing its decision. If you are accepted into Honours, you should complete a Change of Program from BA Political Science to BA Honours in Political Science before February 1st of the year in which you plan to take Political Science 590 (that is, a few days after receiving permission to enter Honours).


To enhance learning outcomes, Honours classes are usually small. Meeting the minimum GPA or course requirements does not guarantee admission to the program.