Gender and politics

Research cluster

Gender and Politics

We focus on a diverse set of questions, issues, and approaches on gender and women and politics. Our research crosses most major subfields in political science, including the study of feminism, comparative politics, political theory, political behaviour, indigenous politics, environmental politics, Canadian politics, political parties, and public policy.


Regina Cochrane

Feminist Political Theory/Philosophy, Environmental Feminism, Gender and Development

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Susan Franceschet

Gender and Comparative Politics, Women’s Political Representation, Political Executives, Comparative Public Policy

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Joshua Goldstein

Sexual Ethics and Problems Of Embodiment

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Erica Rayment

Women's Political Representation, Gender Policy in Canada, Gender and Political Parties

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Gina Starblanket

Indigenous Women and Feminism

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Melanee Thomas

Gender and Political Engagement, Representational Diversity, Women in Canadian Politics

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Daniel Voth

Gendered Indigenous Nationalism, Indigenous Feminism

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Lisa Young

Political Parties, Public Policy

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