Nov. 13, 2020

Meet our Newest Graduate: Talia Wells!

Convocating November 2020 with a Master's degree from UCalgary Political Science
Talia Wells - Iceberg
Talia Wells

Meet our Newest Graduate!

Talia Wells’ MA thesis was entitled: After the Ice Age: The effects and implications of federal media policy changes on Northern science communication and the Canadian science-policy interface during the Harper era.


Talia's thesis was written under the supervision of Dr. Rob Huebert.


Tell us a bit about your thesis!  What was it about and what were its main arguments?

This thesis investigated the effects of changes to the federal departmental media policies on the communication of Northern science, the science-to-policy interface, and the actors operating at this juncture in Canada from 2006 to 2015. It demonstrated that federal scientists experienced a significant reduction in capacity to communicate their science to the media as a result of the changes made to departmental communication and media policies. It argued that: changes created institutional barriers to the communication of federal science, withholding valuable taxpayer funded science from both the media and consequently, the Canadian public; and that the science-policy interface as it existed prior to the media policy changes was severely eroded due to a reduction in transparency, trust and the timely delivery of science. 

Talia Wells

Any favourite memories from your time at UCalgary Political Science?

I was fortunate enough, throughout my time as a graduate student, to travel both within Canada, and internationally, to present some of my graduate research. The experiences, friendships and networking opportunities formed some of my fondest memories and have been invaluable in my professional development.

Where has your degree taken you now?

At present I am working as a Research Assistant for the UCalgary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine on a research project at the intersection of equine veterinary science and indigenous stewardship within the context of a service-learning initiative.

Any final words of advice?

“You must stick to your convictions, but be ready to abandon your assumptions.” — Denis Waitley


Congratulations Talia Wells on your degree!


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