Nov. 12, 2020

Meet our Newest Graduate: Taruneek Kapoor!

Convocating November 2020 with a Master's degree from UCalgary Political Science.
Taruneek Kapoor
Taruneek Kapoor

Meet our Newest Graduate!

Taruneek Kapoor’s MA thesis was entitled Feminists Confront Neoliberalism: Lessons from DAWN and Articulación Feminista Marcosur.


Taruneek’s thesis was written under the supervision of Dr. Regina Cochrane.


Tell us a bit about your thesis!  What was it about and what were its main arguments?

My thesis evaluated the campaigns of two major feminist networks from the Global South—DAWN and Articulación Feminista Marcosur—and analysed the strategies they adopted to resist any form of collusion with neoliberalism. For this research, I conducted theory-driven participant observation, supplemented with analysis of academic and grey literature, at the 2018 World Social Forum in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. The thesis focused on the themes of economic and cultural justice, sovereignty over one’s land and body, and the importance of making adequate connections between neoliberal and neoconservative forces.

Taruneek Kapoor

Any favourite memories from your research?

My favourite memories from the degree at UCalgary involved the field research that I conducted at the World Social Forums (WSF) in Brazil and Mexico. I am extremely grateful to the program for providing me with the opportunity to attend the WSFs, and interact with activists on the ground.

Where has your degree taken you now?

I am a first year PhD student in Political Science at the University of Toronto. I am planning to study mitigation strategies adopted in the face of climate-induced migration in Nicaragua and Bolivia. 

Any final words of advice?

  • Try to enjoy your work!
  • Focus on some activities and hobbies outside your work.
  • Don’t trade your mental and physical health for academic success.


Congratulations Taruneek Kapoor on your degree!