Jan. 15, 2021

UCalgary Political Science Congratulates: William Gregson!

2019–20 winner of the Mark Grosjean Memorial Scholarship in Political Science.
William Gregson
William Gregson

This major scholarship recognizes excellence in Political Science and is intended to help the recipient focus on studies and related academic opportunities. One scholarship is offered annually to an undergraduate student entering a third or fourth year in the Faculty of Arts, majoring in Political Science. The scholarship will be awarded based on academic merit. Preference will be given to students in the Honours program and/or those with a demonstrated interest in Political Theory or European Politics. The value of the Scholarship is $5,500.

Established by Grosjean Family & Friends in memory of Mark Grosjean, University of Calgary Honours Student and 2017 Silver Medallion winner for Political Science.


Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am a Political Science (Honours) major and Philosophy minor, in my fifth and final year at the University of Calgary. Born and raised in Calgary, I have always been interested in politics, and the ideas, values, and theories that form the basis for day-to-day political processes. When I am not studying or working, I enjoy cooking, riding my bike, attending reading groups, and spending time with my lovely partner, Claire. 

What have your favourite courses or areas of study been so far?

My favourite area of study is political theory and philosophy. In particular, I am interested in critical theory and the political thought of G.W.F. Hegel and Karl Marx. My favourite course of my degree has been POLI 515 Advanced History of Political Thought. Not only did I greatly enjoy immersing myself in two seminal works of political philosophy—Plato’s Republic and Hegel’s Philosophy of Right—but I found the seminar-style setting engaging and exhilarating.

William Gregson

What does this prize mean to you?

It is an immense honour to receive the Mark Grosjean Memorial Scholarship in Political Science. I am inspired by the dedicated, thorough, and rigorous passion he demonstrated in our shared interest of political philosophy. Not only has this prize facilitated the completion of my undergraduate degree, but it has provided me with a rejuvenated sense of encouragement and determination as I look onward to my graduate studies—my gratitude and appreciation are immeasurable. 

What are your plans for after the degree?

The conditions of the pandemic permitting, I would like to spend part of the following summer studying in Germany. I am then going to be taking a year off to work, read books, enjoy the city, and spend quality time with friends, family, and loved ones (also assuming the cooperation of Covid-19). After my year off, I intend to pursue an MA and PhD in Political Theory. 

Congratulations to William Gregson on your 2019–20 Mark Grosjean Memorial Scholarship in Political Science!


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