Undergraduate courses

Undergraduate courses

Department of Political Science

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Fields of study

When you study Political Science at the University of Calgary, you will have the opportunity to take courses in the following fields:

Canadian Politics

Have you ever wondered how Canadians shape their society?

Canadian Politics studies of all aspects of political life in Canada, including such things as municipal, provincial and federal elections, political parties, leadership selection, constitutional crises and consensus, gender, courts and legislatures, identity politics—nationalism, provincial autonomy, linguistic and religious conflict—and indigenous-state relations.

Comparative Politics

Ever wondered why Russia is governed differently from the USA?

Comparative Politics compares the domestic politics across different countries, including such things as political violence, civil wars, revolutions, authoritarian regimes and democratization, post-colonial development, social and protest movements, gender equality, indigenous politics, migration and environmental challenges among others.

International Relations

Ever wondered why we haven’t had a world war for almost a century?

International Relations study the interactions or relations between states and other actors—within the international system, we look at the causes of war and peace, global trade, the role of global justice, international law and security challenges.

Political Theory

Ever wondered what it means to live a good life and how we would know it was truly good?

Political Theory is the philosophic study of the values, goals and theories by which human beings choose to live, build new communities and tear down old ones. Central to political theory is both the critical study of great political thinkers throughout the ancient, medieval and modern world but also the great contested ideas.


Ever wondered how to study politics itself?

In our Other field, we have courses in methods (how you study something) as well as courses in public policy and public administration.


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