June 30, 2023

Congratulations to Ganiyat Sadiq!

Winner the 2022–23 Mark Grosjean Memorial Award for Conference Travel!
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Mark Grosjean Memorial Award for Conference Travel recognizes excellence in Political Science and the importance of conference participation to the career of undergraduate Political Science (Honours) students.

Established by Grosjean Family & Friends in memory of Mark Grosjean, University of Calgary Honours Student and 2017 Silver Medallion winner for Political Science.


Can you tell us a little about yourself? We understand that you are also an 1834 Fellow and have been recognized as Alberta’s Top 30 Under 30!

I am a 2023 graduate of the BA Honours Political Science Program and the BA International Relations Program. Throughout my undergrad, my research focused on global dynamics in International Relations and my honours thesis focused on the impact of foreign aid to Sub-Saharan countries on their levels of international development. My interests in foreign affairs led me to be selected as an 1834 fellow in 2022 and my advocacy work led to my appointment into Cohort 6 of the Prime Minister’s Youth Council in February 2023.

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What areas of Political Science has been most interesting so far?

The area of political science that has been interesting to be is analyzing the nature of international law, something that I explored in POLI 483 with Mark Machacek. I think that was the class that developed my love for research and analyzing the roles different dynamics play in how law and policy can be used to shape the world we live in.

Any advice for a successful conference experience for undergrads thinking of presenting their research?

My advice would be to firstly research about something you are interested in because this will translate into how you present your research. Secondly, I would recommend building connections with your colleagues, peers, and professors that attend the conference and learn more about their research and interests. It is an incredible way to see how vast and diverse the field of political science is but also how interconnected it may be.


Congratulations to Ganiyat Sadiq on your 2022–23 Mark Grosjean Memorial Award for Conference Travel!


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