Nov. 24, 2022

Congratulations to Riley Oscar Joffe!

Winner of the 2021–22 Christian Hillman Prize! 
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The Christian Hillman Prize is offered annually to a continuing undergraduate student entering the third or fourth year in the Faculty of Arts, majoring in Political Science who has completed at least three half-courses in Political Science over the last two consecutive terms. This Prize is made possible by the Family and friends of Christian Marie Hillman. 


Can you tell us a little about yourself?  

I’m currently in my fourth and final year of my political science degree. I’ve always found politics interesting, and because of that, I’ve really enjoyed my undergraduate so far. One of the biggest things that has stood out to me throughout my time in the program has been the incredible diversity of perspectives I’ve been exposed to, which has allowed me to broaden my own perspective. Outside of school, I like to spend my time playing video games, reading books and playing with my pets.  

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What have your favourite courses or areas of study been so far? 

I’ve enjoyed just about every political science course I’ve taken so far, but a few have stood out to me as favourites. First, POLI465/Chinese Politics with Dr. Mark Baron. In Chinese Politics, I learned a great deal about the history and internal politics of the Chinese government, a subject I knew very little about beforehand. Two more of my favourite classes have been POLI483 International Law and POLI 487 International Organizations with Dr. Mark Machacek, which have both been incredibly interesting and very informative on the workings of the international system. Finally, POLI 523 Canada and the Circumpolar World with Dr. Rob Huebert, which I am taking right now, has been an enlightening and multidisciplinary examination into all aspects of Arctic politics. Although these classes have covered very different subject matter, they have all been taught by passionate, knowledgeable professors who have enhanced my university experience.

What are you planning next?  

My hope is to attend law school next year. I wrote the LSAT last summer and am now nervously awaiting responses from law schools. Eventually, I would like to practice copyright law, which is a field that has always been very interesting to me.  


Congratulations to Riley Oscar Joffe on your 2021–22 Christian Hillman Prize! 


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