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Ms. Haley Spector

Pronouns: She/Her


Graduate Teaching Assistant

University of Calgary

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Cell: 5875902001

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Educational Background

Bachelors Music Performance - Saxophone, University of Alberta, 2023


Dedicated to the art of classical saxophone, I am a passionate performer with over 12 years of experience. Recently graduated with a bachelor's degree under Dr. William Street, I am embarking on an exciting new chapter, pursuing my masters under the esteemed guidance of Dr. Jeremy Brown from 2023 to 2025. Additionally, I am honored to be working alongside the prolific and inspiring Daniel Kientzy on a groundbreaking research project. Under his direction, I am meticulously crafting a comparative discography that explores the immense influence of three world-renowned saxophone players. Embarking on a sonic journey, I immerse myself in the vibrant world of saxophone music. Seeking to amplify the voices of talented global composers, I strive to unearth hidden musical gems and share their impactful melodies. Enthusiastic advocate for musical exploration. As a dedicated educator, I continuously strive to discover innovative ways of teaching the captivating art of the saxophone. There is always something to discover with the saxophone, and it is my teaching method to curate a supportive and enlightening regime for students to flourish technically and creatively.


Trois Discographies Parallèles de Claude Delangle, Jean-Yves Fourmeau, et Daniel Kientzy.

Trois discographies parallèles.

- Naturellement, de la classe de saxophone de Daniel Deffayet au Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris (68/88), quelques élèves se sont détachés. Incidemment l’année 75/76, trois de ceux-ci ont coincidé : Delangle, Fourmeau et Kientzy.

- Le disque, avec ses nouveaux dérivés, est le moyen/média par lequel le saxophone classique (comme les autres) peut se faire entendre du plus grand nombre de ses aficionados. Il est Le vecteur de la création musicale  pour saxophone.


Research Ongoing