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All ensembles will be offered in-person during the Fall 2024 and Winter 2025 semester. More information on what that means for each ensemble can be found below. Fall 2024 and Winter 2025 ensemble audition info coming soon. 2023-24 Ensemble Directors >>


Chamber Choir (MUPF 201/301)

The UCalgary Chamber Choir seeks to perform a broad range of repertoire, engage in collaborative projects, and develop partnerships with other artists and ensembles.

Audition info coming soon...

University Chorus (MUPF 205/305)

The University of Calgary Chorus is our largest choir and provides an opportunity for all university students to be involved in a choral experience. Membership is maintained at approximately 85 with a very good balance of voice parts. Repertoire consists of classic major works as well as Canadian, folk, and contemporary pieces.

Audition info coming soon...

Symphonic Band (MUPF 211/311)

Membership in the Symphonic Band allows students to grow as musicians through the preparation and performance of high-quality wind band music. We average 60-80 members and have a very active performing schedule. Tours and recordings are occasionally part of the season's activities.

Audition info coming soon...

Wind Ensemble (MUPF 213/313)

The University of Calgary Wind Ensemble has earned a reputation as one of the finest University groups of its kind in Canada and one of the principal international leaders in the field. Most notably, we have performed at the CBDNA National Conference and at the World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles (WASBE) Conference. Our commercial CDs on three recording labels have established our reputation for musical sensitivity, technical polish and innovative programming.

Audition info coming soon...

University Orchestra (MUPF 215/315)

The University of Calgary Orchestra has been broadcast on CBC Radio's Our Music and on its national programs In Performance and Take Five. We have appeared in the Millennium Music Foundation Concert Series and at the Third Esther Honens Calgary International Piano Competition and Festival.

Audition info coming soon...

Instrumental Jazz Ensemble (MUPF 225/325)

In recent years the University of Calgary Jazz Orchestra (UCJO) has performed with well-known international jazz artists as part of the UCalgary Monday Night Jazz Series. These artists include: Maria Schneider, Michael Blake, Jeff Jarvis, Charles Pillow, Jodi Proznik, Bob Sheppherd, Brad Turner and PJ Perry. In 2013, the UCJO and the Chamber Jazz Ensemble performed at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival, where both groups were awarded Outstanding Ensemble Awards and several Outstanding Soloist awards. In 2014, the UCJO and Chamber Jazz Ensemble performed at the Elmhurst Jazz Festival (Chicago Illinois USA) and won ten Outstanding Soloist awards.

We also perform a fall and winter concert each year, in addition to holding numerous local performances. We are dedicated to the performance of swing oriented jazz music and have in recent years focused on the music of Duke Ellington, Maria Schneider, Benny Carter, Count Basie and Radiohead.

Audition info coming soon...

World Music Ensemble (MUPF 229/329)

The UCalgary World Music Ensemble brings together students from across campus to perform music of various ethnic traditions from throughout the world. The group is made up of both music and non-music majors, undergraduate and graduate students, and even alumni and community members. The ensemble performs a concert at the end of each semester, and appears at other events.

Audition info coming soon...

Chamber Music (MUPF 241/341/641/643)

The Chamber Music Program at the University of Calgary offers a rich and varied experience for qualified performers, regardless of instrument. Graduate and undergraduate performers collaborate to perform on-campus and in the community. There are several chamber ensembles that are off-shoots of this program, including percussion, guitar, and brass choir.

  • Guitar Ensemble
  • Brass Choir Ensemble
    Established in 2003 by Gareth Jones, the ensemble is comprised of the top brass UCalgary students (trumpet, horn, trombone, euphonium and tuba), as well as alumni of the program. The repertoire ranges from Renaissance works to modern day masterpieces.
  • Percussion Ensemble

    Audition info coming soon...

Collegium Musicum (MUPF 221/321)

Collegium Musicum is dedicated to exploring music from the baroque and earlier (pre-1750). In Fall 2023 we are planning a Baroque Opera Project. Auditions are being held for Chorus members. Interested string players and keyboard players should contact julie.harris1@ucalgary.ca. 

Audition info coming soon...

Ensembles not offered in 2024–2025

New Music Ensemble (MUPF 227/327)

The New Music Ensemble explores solo and ensemble performance of 20th and 21st century music, including instrumental chamber music, instrumental performance in combination with electronic processing, new instrumental and vocal resources and practices, and electronic/laptop performance. As well, collaborative group improvisation is a main focus of the ensemble, allowing students to explore their own musical ideas while developing new performance techniques.

This ensemble will not be offered in 2023–2024

Voice Lab (MUPF 245/345)

Voice Lab is an ensemble created to explore and flex the boundaries of concert performance through staged musical collaborations with a foundation in “classical” vocal music. From art song to opera, choral works to cabaret, musical theatre to musical improvisation and new music, we are generating energy around the evolution of classical performance.

This ensemble will not be offered in 2023–2024

Important notes:

  • 200-level MUPF courses are NOT prerequisites for the 300-level MUPF courses.
  • Students who have not yet completed 18 units at the 200-level in their degree program should register in the 200-level courses (usually first-year students). 
  • Students who have completed 18 units at the 200-level in their degree program should register in the 300-level courses (usually second-year students and higher).
  • MUPF courses at the 300-level may be repeated for credit. 
  • Please remember to register in both part A (fall) and part B (winter) before the fall registration deadlines pass or you will not receive credit.