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BMus entrance audition

for Bachelor of Music programs

Before you begin

Complete UCalgary application

If you have not yet done so, please visit the Admissions website to submit your UCalgary application for admission, and then return to this page to continue your Bachelor of Music Audition Application.

Apply for UCalgary admission

Have your UCID available

This was created when submitting your UCalgary application for admission.

Complete before deadline

All audition documents for in-­person and video auditions must be submitted online by March 1, 2023.

Bachelor of Music Entrance Auditions

Audition information for the 2023 Bachelor of Music can be found below. Any questions about the undergraduate application process can be emailed to the SCPA Admin.

Applications Welcome for Classical and Jazz

Students may audition for either the Classical or Jazz track for their lessons in the BMus degree. This means you will be able to study classical or jazz, or a combination, in your lessons throughout your degree. Please scroll down to Audition Information for more information about the process

2023 Audition Dates

  • Thursday, March 9, 2023: trumpets, trombones
  • Friday, March 10, 2023: violin, viola, cello, bass, saxophone, voice
  • Monday, March 13, 2023: bassoon, clarinet, flute, French horn, oboe, organ, tuba/euphonium
  • Tuesday, March 14, 2023: piano, guitar, harp, accordion, percussion, jazz piano, jazz guitar, jazz bass, jazz drum set, jazz saxophone, jazz trumpet, jazz trombone, jazz voice

Theory requirements for all Music students

Students applying to any Music program must satisfy a theory requirement. This can be done in one of the following ways:

  1. By providing proof of completion of Advanced Rudiments or Level 8 Theory from the Royal Conservatory (ABRSM Level 5 will also be accepted). 
    • If you are applying for the BMus program, a photocopy of the examination certificate must be submitted with the BMus audition application form.
    • If you are applying to the BA Music program, please email a copy of your certificate to and provide your full name and UCID number.
  2. By passing a theory diagnostic exam offered online during the week of auditions. Students who do not have the above documentation (or who have not taken any formal examinations), will be required to complete this exam. If you would like to take the exam, please email and provide your full name and UCID number. 

    The diagnostic exam will cover the following topics:
    • Rudiments (scales, key signatures, intervals, triads, seventh chords, meter & rhythm)
    • Transposition 
    • Roman numeral analysis and identification of non-chord tones 
    • Aural skills (identifying intervals and chord types, melodic dictation, error dictation)

      You must receive at grade of at least 70% to pass this exam

      A good book to assist you with your preparations is Tonal Harmony by Stefan Kostka, available in the Taylor Family Digital Library. If you are in Calgary and would like to work with a tutor to prepare you for the exam, please contact the Music Undergraduate Society at
  3. Pass MUSI 209 Introduction to Music Theory. This is the last method of satisfying the requirement. This course is offered in the summer semester each academic year. *Please note that this course often fills up quickly.
    Students who have not satisfied this theory requirement prior to September will not be able to take required courses MUSI 213 or 225.
UCalgary Choir rehearsal
Concerto 2018

UCalgary Orchestra rehearsal

BMus Audition Information

Application Forms: 
Two application forms are required when applying for the BMus:

  1. Application for admission to the University of Calgary
  2. BMus Entrance Audition Application

After submitting a general application to the University of Calgary Admissions Office, students must submit a BMus audition application form to assist us in scheduling an audition, as well as informing the division of your past musical experience/abilities.

In-Person Auditions for BMus Admission:  
All audition documents for in-person auditions must be submitted by March 1, 2023.

Each applicant will be notified by email with the exact date, time and location of their audition shortly after the application deadline passes.

During the audition, students are assessed on technique, performance, talent, potential, and musicality during their audition. In addition to repertoire performance, both sight-reading and technique may be included as part of the audition. For more information about what to play at your audition please review the Audition Repertoire Suggestions document.

Pianists and vocalists should be prepared to perform repertoire at the RCM Grade X level. All others should be prepared to perform repertoire at the RCM Grade VIII level. Students who have not reached the Grade VIII level but who have a serious interest in a career in music are encouraged to apply and to audition at the level of performance they have reached. 

Students may audition with piano accompaniment where appropriate and feasible. All vocalists should perform with a pre-recorded accompanist track (as opposed to a cappella). Jazz applicants should perform with pre-recorded accompaniment. A sound system with aux cable connection will be provided. 

Please review additional information available under Frequently Asked Questions.

UCalgary staged ensemble

Video Auditions

Applicants living more than 150 km from Calgary or those who do not feel comfortable with an in-person audition may submit a video audition.

Video auditions may be submitted as Vimeo or YouTube links in the BMus audition application.

Submitting your audition video via Vimeo

  1.  Sign-in to your Vimeo account, or sign-up for a free account with Vimeo
  2. Upload your audition video
  3. Set the privacy settings for your video and select a password. We encourage you to select the following privacy option: Only people with a password
  4. Include the video URL and your password in your University of Calgary BMus Audition Application before submitting. (Please note: if submitting after application has been completed, you may email the link to us at by the application deadline).

Submitting your audition video via YouTube

  1. Sign-in to your YouTube account, or sign-up for a free account with YouTube
  2. Upload your audition video
  3. Set the privacy settings for your video. We encourage you to select the following privacy option: Unlisted Video
  4. Include the video URL in your University of Calgary BMus Audition Application before submitting. (Please note: if submitting after application has been completed, you may email the link to us at by the application deadline).

All application documents, including video links, must be submitted online by March 1, 2023

Completing a Bachelor of Music at the University of Calgary while participating in the Advanced Performance Program at Mount Royal Conservatory

Through a unique collaborative agreement, students interested in an enhanced performance-focused program can complete a BMus or MMus and the APP simultaneously. Academic courses are completed at University of Calgary, while Lessons on an instrument or voice are completed with an instructor from either the MRU Conservatory or the University of Calgary. Weekly masterclasses, chamber music, recitals, and other requirements are organized so that degree/APP requirements are not duplicated.

Interested students must audition and meet the admission requirements of both institutions. University of Calgary auditions typically take place in March for the BMus, and in February for the MMUS.

For more information on the APP program at MRU can be found here 

BMus entrance audition FAQs

Auditions may be played accompanied or unaccompanied. 

Vocalists should perform with a pre-recorded accompaniment track (as opposed to a cappella), jazz applicants should also perform with pre-recorded accompaniment. In the voice and jazz auditions, a sound system will be provided with an aux cable connection that you can connect a device to.

No, you do not have to have your entrance audition pieces memorized. If you are able to do some of the repertoire from memory then it does demonstrate thorough study of the piece, but it is not necessary or expected that the audition pieces will be completely memorized.

The audition is only one part of the admission process.  After the auditions, the Division of Music will send their recommendations to the Admissions office; then the Admissions team will complete their review and update your admission status in your Student Centre. This may take some time as Admission decisions are ongoing. Please see your Student Centre for further details.

You will require the eID and password you created at the time of application in order to log into your Student Centre. If you forget your eID/password, please contact IT Support at or 1-403-220-5555.

The Division of Music will send you an email with your music theory diagnostic exam results within 10 business days after the auditions close.

There are four ways to satisfy the theory requirement, and passing the diagnostic exam is just one of them. You can also take a Royal Conservatory Level 8 Theory exam and send us proof of completion (RCM Advanced Rudiments or ABRSM Level 5 are also accepted). 

Alternatively to the above, you can write the exam again in the last week of August. Finally, you can register in the MUSI 209 - Introduction to Music Theory course, which is offered in the Summer term. Passing any one of the above will satisfy the music theory requirement.

If you do not satisfy the music theory requirement before September courses begin, you may be switched into the BA Music program and required to register in the MUSI 209 - Introduction to Music Theory course, which is offered in the Summer term, to satisfy the music theory requirement. Then you may be able to submit a Change of Program to switch back into the BMus program.

If you do not satisfy the music theory requirement before registration begins, you will not be able to register in MUSI 211, 213 or 225.


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