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COVID-19 Guidelines for SCPA Classrooms, Studios, and Performance Spaces

Note – these guidelines will be updated on an ongoing basis as conditions evolve.

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In-Person Classes Cancelled September 16-19

UCalgary has cancelled all in-person classes from Thursday, Sept. 16th through Sunday, Sept. 19th due to new government health restrictions. All online classes, and the online sections of hybrid classes, will be held as normal during this period. More information is available here.

UCalgary Vaccine Mandate Begins January 1st

University of Calgary announces implementation of a vaccine mandate to take effect January 1st, 2022, in a collaborative agreement with eight other Alberta post-secondary institutions. See the announcement here.


  • The University of Calgary requires that non-medical face masks be worn by all individuals in all indoor situations that involve more than one person, unless consistent social distancing of a minimum of 2 metres is possible. Further, given the space restrictions of our facilities and the highly physical nature of so many performing arts activities, the Executive Committee of the School of Creative and Performing Arts strongly recommends that masking be used in all instructional contexts, regardless of social distancing capacity. Currently, physical contact between performers is allowed, but only if all participants are masked. Please ensure the use of hand sanitizer supplied in each room. Maintaining everyone’s health, safety and wellbeing as we navigate this rapidly evolving situation is a collective effort; it’s in all of our best interests to treat one another with care and respect.

Rapid Testing and Vaccination

  • The University of Calgary requires that everyone coming to campus undergo regular rapid testing. Those who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 are exempt from this requirement. Please make your vaccination attestation or enrol in rapid testing before September 14.
  • Rapid Testing or vaccination attestation also applies to non-UCalgary visitors to campus including classroom and production guests as well as patrons attending SCPA events. We are currently developing guidelines for visitors to campus and/or off-campus UCalgary activities, and will update this information shortly. Stay tuned.

Space and Equipment Cleaning

  • The SCPA will maintain a supply of disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer in every SCPA-supported classroom, studio, rehearsal, and performance venue. Please direct any requests to replenish hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes in SCPA spaces to Beth Violo
  • Where physical activity in studio and rehearsal spaces requires participants’ hands to come in contact with the floor, we strongly recommend that people sanitize their hands before their activity begins and after it concludes. If you feel that a more thorough cleaning or disinfecting of the space is required, please speak to the class instructor or your Division Lead.
  • Any shared equipment and high touchpoint areas within SCPA spaces should be cleaned prior to its use. This includes chairs, tables, and other furniture, musical instruments, light switches, doorknobs, and technology such as computer keyboards. Unless other specific cleaning instructions apply to the item you are using, please use the supplied disinfectant wipes and allow it to sit for at least 1 minute after cleaning before handling it.
  • Items passed between performers should be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant wipes prior to their use. Properties Workshop personnel will instruct Stage Management or the props item borrower on proper cleaning procedures.
  • All spaces must be returned to their “neutral” state after being used.


  • For woodwind and brass players that require the removal of your mask to play, a bell cover must be placed on the instrument. Woodwind and brass players are required to wear masks when not playing.
  • Singers must wear masks regardless of the performance needs.
  • Piano keyboards must be sanitized with a soap and water solution prior to use. Spray onto the keys a light mist of the solution from the spritzer bottle marked “Soap”. Leave the solution on the keys for 20 seconds. If there is residue left on the keys, apply a light coating from the spritzer bottle marked “Water” and wipe off the keys with a paper towel. Sanitize your hands before and after touching or playing the piano. Pianos used for performances will be cleaned regularly by a technician.
Closeup image of a the keys of a brass instrument


If you have any questions, please send them to