Written by Mary Zimmerman

Adapted from The Voyage of Jason and The Argonauts

Gaius Valerius Flaccus
Translated by David R. Slavitt

Apollonius Rhodius
Translated by Peter Green

Feb. 10-18, 2023
University Theatre, University of Calgary

This highly theatrical, contemporary retelling of Jason, his Argonauts, and their tumultuous search for the Golden Fleece spans continents, myth, and time. Filled with storied gods, monsters, and men - including Hera, Hercules, Medea, centaurs, sirens, and more - Argonautika is an enormous journey told best by live theatre.

Audience Advisory
References to infanticide, suicide, homicide and suggestions of violence against women. Strong language. Haze and flashing lights.

Directed by MFA Candidate Randi Edmundson
Set/Lighting Design: MFA Candidate Cassie Holmes
Costume/Props Design: MFA Candidate Bonnie Garland
Sound Design and Composition: Alixandra Cowman 

Argonautika is produced by special arrangement with Bruce Ostler, Bret Adams Ltd., 448 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036.

World premiere by the Lookingglass Theatre Company, Chicago.

Touch Tour and Audio Description

For blind/low vision audience members

Saturday, February 18
Touch tour begins at 6:30 p.m., followed by the performance.

A touch tour is an opportunity for tactile exploration of the theatre prior to the show. A host will guide audience members while they explore the set, props, and costumes of the play.

During the show an actor describes the visual elements of the performance in real-time through headphones. 

Please contact to reserve your listening device or if you're interested in joining the Touch Tour.

Presented by the Good Host Program

In-Person Performances

Friday, February 10 - 7:30 p.m.
Saturday, February 11 - 7:30 p.m.
Sunday, February 12 - 2 p.m.
Wednesday, February 15 - 7:30 p.m.
Thursday, February 16 - 7:30 p.m.
Friday, February 17 - 7:30 p.m.
Saturday, February 18 - 7:30 p.m.

$22 (adults) /$17 (students*/seniors)

*UCalgary students can book their FREE ticket online with Claim Your Seat.


Saturday, February 11 - 7:30 p.m.

$10 (household)

Please note that the cut off time to purchase tickets for the livestream is Friday, Feb. 10 at 1 p.m.

Cast and creative team

Liam Akehurst

Servant, Meleager

Liam (he/him/they) is a passionate actor-performer, completing his BEd at the University of Calgary. He is also a yoga instructor, aspiring writer, and enjoys long runs outdoors. When he is not rehearsing, you may find him enjoying a good book over a cappuccino, playing basketball, or on a walk with his partner or friends. Liam is always searching for the next "Ah-Ha!" moment to move the work forward, and enjoys experimenting with a variety of creation methods and practices. His recent work with the SCPA includes: Here We GoThe Bus Stop, and The Zoo Story. He is thrilled to be part of the spectacular Argonautika this season, and the upcoming A Monster Calls

Steph Bessala


Steph (she/they) is a fifth year Drama major at the University of Calgary. Their recent projects include Formations and Hookman within the UCalgary SCPA. When not in class or in rehearsal, they enjoy spending time with their bunnies, Lugh and Scout. And no, Lugh’s name isn’t pronounced the way you think it is. She is so grateful for the opportunity to be in such an amazing show for her final year of Drama, and thanks all involved for the chance to discover it together. 

Benjamin Beston-Will

Hylas, Harpy, Aeëtes, Goddess

Benjamin (he/him) is a fourth-year Drama major at the University of Calgary. A born and raised Calgarian, Ben is also a proud member of the Métis Nation of Alberta. His love of theatre spans all forms, from Broadway to the Bard - and in his spare time, he can be found rating movies on Letterboxd, or crafting very specific Spotify playlists for every occasion. Ben made his debut with the SCPA in Much Ado About Nothing last fall, and is thrilled to get another chance to work with his peers on Argonautika. He would like to thank all of his friends and family who have supported him and his endeavours over the years.

Keith Boniol

Castor, Servant, Dragon

Keith is a queer Filipinx man in his third year of the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama. He has been truly blessed and lucky to be in shows within the university, Quest Theatre, High Performance Rodeo, and soon Downstage, and Calgary Fringe. With his background in dance, he likes to also incorporate movement and create dynamic and inclusive pieces. As an actor, writer, and director, he wants to showcase these stories to create conversations, highlight culture, and inspire community and togetherness. Fun fact: Keith has a big, sweet tooth and probably is drinking a bottle of coke :)

Sophie Collins

Polyphemus, Woman, Amycus, Harpy, Medea

Sophie (she/her) is a third-year Drama/Education student at the University of Calgary. This is Sophie's debut with the SCPA and she cannot be more excited to work with so many amazing people. When not at rehearsal Sophie can be found working with the YMCA as an Aquatics Coordinator. She would like to thank her team at the YMCA for their continued support in her creative endeavours, her mom and dad for always leaving a plate of dinner out for her, and her friends for patiently waiting for her rehearsals to end so she can see them. 

Eli Copping

Uncle, Skeleton, Dragon

Eli is a sixth year university student in their final semester of their Bachelor of Arts Drama degree. When they aren’t participating in theatre productions, she is playing drums in their punk band called Glitter Glue. Although Eli prefers the drums, they have the skills to play nine instruments. As a 2Spirit indigenous person residing in Moh’kins’tsis, they are delighted to be a part of this production and continue the tradition of storytelling that has been passed down through their culture for many generations. 

Gracie Ekstrand


Gracie (she/her) is finishing up her final year in the Drama faculty at the University of Calgary. Gracie loves being able to work in the theatre in any capacity, and when not acting she can be found directing or stage managing other projects at the University. Argonautica will be Gracie’s acting debut on the SCPA stage and she is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with so many incredible artists on this amazing and exciting show. She would also like to thank her friends and family for all the love and support they have shown throughout her degree. 

Fernando Garcie Reyes

Hercules, Bulls, Skeletons, Dragon, Colchian Messenger

Fernando (he/him) is an acting student in his final year of post-secondary. An athletic, high-spirited type, he often finds comfort in trying any form of artistic expression; such as acting, dance, music production, writing, singing, and always looking for more. Looking to find a fulfilling passion, his eyes are set in theatre for the foreseeable future, possibly film if the opportunity arises. Whatever happens, he will try time and time again until something lights within him. Whenever tired, lazy, or looking to test himself, his comfort hobbies are video games, skateboarding, and streaming for the fun of it late into the night with his friends. 

Sarbkali Hayer


Kali (she/her) is a Sikh, Punjabi artist currently pursuing a BKin with a minor in Drama at the University of Calgary. She is drawn to acting because it offers her the chance to collaborate with diverse artists within the Canadian community, and also because it allows her to be the representation she always wished to see growing up. Her recent projects with SCPA include The Bus Stop and the upcoming A Monster Calls. She is very grateful and excited for this opportunity to work with such a talented team on this amazing production known as Argonautika. 

Sofia Huarte Aguilar

Pelias' Son, Andromeda, Dryope, Harpy, Eros, Goddess, Bulls, Skeletons, Dragon

Sofia (they/them) is a first generation Mexican immigrant residing in Moh’kins’tsis, and pursuing a combined degree in Drama and Philosophy at the University of Calgary. Also an activist and a student organizer, Sofia’s artistic and academic practice revolves around constructing radical pedagogical tools for performance. They are deeply passionate about diversifying the theatre, and utilizing it as a critical tool for liberation. Their recent acting credits include Hookman, produced in collaboration with Chromatic Theatre and the SCPA. They are delighted to be working on such a special production and to get the opportunity to share the stage with their acting cohort of four years, also very excited to be reminded of all of the ways theatre can bring joy to audiences and performers alike.

Ashley King


Ashley is a Mexican-Canadian visually impaired actor and playwright based in Moh'kins'tsis. She is a graduate of Company of Rogues Actors’ Studio, having completed their Master Class actor training program. As the Artistic Associate at Inside Out Theatre, a Deaf and Disability theatre company, she works to educate and improve patron and artist accessibility within Canadian theatre. Through her artistic consulting, board work and artistic practices, she strives to advocate and to center her work around equal representation, accessibility and inclusion. Recent credits of hers include the stage production of Twelve Angry Jurors (Company of Rogues), Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors (Company of Rogues), and her role on the television show By Hook Or By Cook (AMI).

Erin Mackey

Tiphys, Skeleton

Erin is an actor, theatre technician and costumer based in Calgary. She is currently in her third year of the BFA Drama program at the University of Calgary with a focus on Acting and Technical Theatre. Erin has a deep love for performance, beginning when she first performed in The Nutcracker at age six. When she’s not in the theatre you can find Erin training with her gymnaestrada team.

Elise Marleau

Atalanta, Skeleton, Dragon

Elise is a second year BFA student majoring in Drama. Her love for acting started all the way back when she was in grade 6. Since then, her love for theatre blossomed. She is super excited to work with such an incredible team. When she isn’t on stage you can find her with a microphone in her hand. Her past shows include horse girls, the miracle worker, and her debut as a worm. But you’ll still love her!

Pinky Rido

Asterion, Zetes, Amycus, Woman, Apsyrtos, Meleager's Mother, Bulls, Skeletons

Pinky is a third year Drama major at the University of Calgary and excited to be acting in her first mainstage production, Argonautika. She’s also a talented singer/songwriter and dancer. Originally from Nigeria, Pinky moved to Canada to study Medicine in 2017 but later decided to stop deceiving herself and chose to chase her dreams instead. Undoubtedly, that was the best decision she ever made, meeting the most wonderful people along the way that helped her through the rough paths during her time here. She is majorly supported by her six wonderful siblings who teach her to be a better person each day in different aspects. She is super excited and thankful for being given the opportunity to be in this production and share the stage with other amazing cast and crew members.

Sebastian Salomon Arriagada

Pollux, Servant, Dragon

Sebastian (All pronouns) is an emerging actor in their third year at the University of Calgary studying both biological sciences and drama. They have been doing amateur theatre throughout their schooling, and last summer, they were part of Wagonstage Theatre’s production of Bee-Trayal. Sebastian has always had a great passion for theatre, dreaming of becoming a professional actor. They enjoy finding and exploring new ways to express their creativity and emotionality whether it be writing poetry, making collages, or getting on stage.

Gabrielle Vos de Wael

Cepheus, Euphemos, Woman, Amycus, Harpy, Servant, Fury, Goddess, Bulls, Skeletons

Gabriëlle (She/Her) is in her first year at the University of Calgary studying Drama and Mathematics. When she is not running between her classes (that are somehow on opposite ends on campus), she enjoys spending time with her horse James Joyce. After trying for years to figure out what she is passionate about, Gabriëlle has found that acting is what makes her happy. She is honoured to be working with the amazing team of Argonautika to create this phenomenal production. Enjoy! 

Bailey Williamson

Woman, Dymas, Aphrodite, Skeleton

Bailey is a Drama Education student with a focus on acting. This is her debut performance in a mainstage production. She has been involved through stage managing and working backstage but she is excited to be on stage. Acting has always been the the thing that lights the flame within her and she is excited to share her passion with you.

Matthew Wilson

Pelias, Boreas, Amycus, Phineus, Styrus, Bulls, Skeletons


Matthew (he/him) is currently in his fourth year of studying for a concurrent degree in Drama and Education at the University of Calgary. When he originally started acting in high school one act productions, Matthew discovered that he had a strong passion for the performing arts and wanted to pursue it further. Some of Matthew’s recent acting projects through the SCPA include The Bus Stop and Much Ado About Nothing, as well as the upcoming production of A Monster Calls. He is immensely grateful to have been part of such an exciting production with so many talented artists!

Randi Edmundson

Driven by curiosity, Randi wears many hats in the world of theatre. Her passion for puppetry has taken her across the country and, more recently, the world. She brings a background in devising new works for a wide range of audiences to directing Argonautika and has worked in numerous artistic capacities with Chemainus Theatre Festival, Neworld Theatre, Caravan Farm Theatre, the Canadian Academy of Mask and Puppetry, the National Arts Centre, Carousel Theatre for Young People, and Western Canada Theatre. Randi holds a BFA in Performance from UVic and is currently an MFA Candidate in Directing at the University of Calgary. 

Cassie Holmes

Cassie Holmes (she/her) is a theatre artist, designer, creator and collaborator. Argonautika is her thesis show as a part of her MFA in Design and Technical Theatre. She graduated with her BFA from the University of Victoria, with distinction, in Theatre Production and Management. Her research primarily focuses on lighting diverse skin tones and accessibility in live performance; she strives to make work that everyone can experience. Cassie’s design collaboration was published and selected for the PQ STUDIO: Common Design Project Special Edition. Most recently Cassie worked on World Stage Design as the Accessibility Co-Ordinator.

Bonnie Garland

Bonnie (She/They) is an emerging costume and scenic designer based in eastern Ontario. She has a passion for theatre design, and their interest in sustainability has also led her to delve into ecoscenography. Bonnie is currently an MFA student at the University of Calgary as a Design/Technical specialization candidate, as well as a recent graduate of the renamed Toronto Metropolitan University with a degree in Performance Production.

Alixandra Cowman

Previous sound design credits include The Importance Of Being Earnest (Theatre Calgary); All I Want For ChristmasThe Pink Unicorn (Lunchbox Theatre); Grace & GlorieLilia! (Rosebud Theatre). Alixandra also works as a composer for musical theatre. Her Christmas musical Home For The Holidays recently had its world premiere at Lunchbox Theatre, and one of her compositions was also featured in Alberta Kitchen Party at Alberta Theatre Projects. Up next, she will be sound designing and composing for Vertigo Theatre's Gaslight. Boundless gratitude to Conrad and family for the endless love and support.

John Knight

John (he/him) is a violence designer, director, and theatre arts educator based in Calgary/Mohkinstsis. He is a sessional instructor at the University of Calgary and Ambrose University. He is the owner/operator of Knight Fights, as well as a Certified Instructor and Fight Director with The Academy of Fight Directors Canada. He holds an MFA in Directing from the University of Calgary. Select credits include: Between Us (Handsome Alice), No One’s Safe (Banff Centre), A Streetcar Named Desire (Spirit Fire Theatre), Julius Caesar (The Shakespeare Company), Filumena (Calgary Opera). Up next, John will be designing violence and intimacy for Calgary Opera's Carmen. Special thanks to his amazing partner Eva.

*The participation of this Artist is arranged by permission of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association under the provisions of the Dance Opera Theatre Policy (DOT).

Sabrena Shah Baigzada

Sabrena (she/her) is an Afghan-Canadian student in her third year of her BFA at the University of Calgary, with a focus in Stage Management and Technical Theatre. Sabrena is deeply passionate, supportive, and is always willing to go above and beyond. Wherever Sabrena goes, you know that her bottomless bag of questions is always with her. She is deeply inspired by the person she loves, whom encourages her to do better and be better, and she is beyond thankful for them. Two of her recent projects include Assistant Stage Manager/ Backstage Crew for Formations (2022) and Assistant Stage Manager for Hookman (2022).  She is thankful for the continuous support from her family, friends, and mentors. 

Brooke Burron

Brooke (she/her) is in her third year at the University of Calgary, and she is currently studying drama. Outside of school she continues to explore the arts with an interest in music and writing. She has been involved with theatre since she was young, and this will be her first experience with stage management as an ASM for wardrobe. She is excited to explore this side of theatre with this show.  

Elizabeth Houghton

Elizabeth (she/her) is a third-year undergraduate student at the University of Calgary, completing her BFA Degree in Drama. She believes that theatre is not limited to one focal point and aspires to learn more about what every aspect of theatre has to offer. After working in the University of Calgary's recent production of Much Ado About Nothing, Elizabeth is now exploring her love for technical theatre in this years production of Argonautika. She is super excited for this opportunity to be apart of the creative team and wants to give her props to all the actors for all of their dedication and hard work. ;) 


  1. Staff

    Director BRUCE BARTON
    Associate Director PENNY FARFAN
    Dance Division Lead MELANIE KLOETZEL
    Drama Division Lead CHRISTINE BRUBAKER
    Music Division Lead ROD SQUANCE
    Production Manager ANDREW NORTH
    Communications and Marketing Advisor AURELIE MAERTEN
    Department Operations Manager MARY LOU MENDYK
    Academic Program Specialist ROSABEL CHOI
    Academic Program Specialist CONSTANTINA CALDIS ROBERTS
    Graduate Program Advisor ALISON SCHMAL

    Drama Technical Staff

    Technical Director TREVOR MCDONALD
    Scenic Carpenter SCOTT FREEMAN
    Costume Supervisor ROBERT LAFLAMME
    Properties Master CELINA BAHARALLY

  2. Student Assistants and Practicums

    Ali Almansoori, Sunny Bao, Stephanie Bessala, Stephen Brooks, Leyla Calderon, Jayke Chung, Chloe Diochnos, Katie Drysdale, Kiauna Harder, Elizabeth Houghton, Scarlett Hutchison, Sarah Innes, Dennis Kaake, Pooya Khorramyar, Emily Kobe, Atiyyah Ladipo, Matthew Lane, Erin Mackey, Claude McCaffery, Angela Merino, Christopher Mosimann, Jordyn Moss, Justine Park, Miranda Reid, Daniel Sanguinetti, Sabrena Shah Baigzada, Nathan Snyders-Blok, Laurel Spring, Lucas Tang, Veronique Tomlinson

    Theatre Services

    Venue & Client Relations Manager DAVID FRASER
    Venue Business Administrator ABIR BACHIR
    Booking Administrator CATHERINE ROULEAU
    Front of House Manager LIZZY EVASHKEVICH
    Audio Technician ALEX BOHN
    Lighting Technician JASON SCHWARZ
    Stage Technician BRANDON DELA CRUZ


  3. Production Team

    SCPA Artistic Director and Producer CHRISTINE BRUBAKER

    Directing Supervisor and Fighting Director PETER BALKWILL
    Design Supervisor SCOTT REID

    Props Builder CHRIS STOCKTON


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