Dec. 5-7, 2022
University Theatre, University of Calgary

Dance at Noon

Tim Nguyen Co


  • You Can't Run by Jehad Kalaf (he/him/they)
  • House of Cards by Olyvia Hoban (she/her)
  • Five by Sierra Oszust (she/her)
  • UnITy by Shayla Waschuk (she/her)
  • Under the Oak by Jamie Stock (she/her)

Runtime: 41 min.


  • Shedding by Nyhia Zubernick (she/her)
  • House of Cards by Olyvia Hoban (she/her)
  • You Can’t Run by Jehad Kalaf (he/him/they)
  • Everything We Are Was Once Here by Kalyna Howell-Matwichuk (they*/she)
  • The Hog House by Lavender Wong (she/her)

Runtime: 44 min.

  • Five by Sierra Oszust (she/her)
  • Everything We Are Was Once Here by Kalyna Howell-Matwichuk (they*/she)
  • Shedding by Nyhia Zubernick (she/her)
  • UnITy by Shayla Waschuk (she/her)
  • Under the Oak by Jamie Stock (she/her)
  • The Hog House by Lavender Wong (she/her)

Runtime: 56 min.

About the choreographies

Being free, playing games and letting go of all worries is replicating what childhood was once like. Youthfulness is surrounded by beauty, innocence and radiance. How can movement carry this sweet feeling of pure nostalgia as one moving body? Reminiscing allows the body to mentally and physically relive these moments.

Performers: Sierra Oszust, Kate Doxey, Ella Doney, Ava Ferris
Music: Claire de Lune composed by Claude Debussy. Introduction from Edward Scissorhands Soundtrack composed by Danny Elfman. Blackbird by The Beatles.

A huge thank you to my dancers for their support and collaboration throughout this process. Their bodies and spirits created something beautiful that I am proud to call all of ours.


This work explores conflicts within the mind when unresolved trauma surfaces. How do conformity and resistance within one's self dictate a positive or negative healing experience? Do we ever heal?

Performers/collaborators: Emma Schafer, Morgan Klukas, Nyhia Zubernick, and Olyvia Hoban
Music: 1983 - Main theme by Sinoia Caves

Special thanks to Emma Schafer, Morgan Klukas, Nyhia Zubernick, Olyvia Hoban, and Heather Ware, for their patience, support, and commitment to this process, despite the many challenges faced along the way.


This work is feminist: anger, reclamation, choice and intimacy are all present. It brings to consciousness the ways that patriarchy and its ironies live in female bodies and how both women and varyingly marginalized folks can purposely reject this harm; choosing to radically define themselves.

Dancers: Kylie Sichkaryk (she/her), Natalee Chapman (she/her), Mackenzie Cook (she/her) and Madeleine Graham (she/her)

This work was created in an honest, forthright collaboration between myself and my performers. It would not have come to fruition without their willingness to experience and question the systems that undeniably harm women and feminized bodies. I could not have created this piece without my dancers and all of their vulnerability; Heather Ware and her care; many frustrated-feminist discussions over the phone with my mother; and the countless women who’ve paved the way for me to believe in a better way than patriarchy and be absolutely unreasonable in my approach to art and life. Tara Wilson, Christianne Ullmark, and Michèle Moss are women that inspire me to be unshrinking. Bell Hooks, Gloria Steinem, and Audre Lorde have all been by my side in spirit through my process and I owe it to them. What a thing it is to be witnessed in my truth, thank you all so sincerely.

Are desires developed in our conscious state? Or subconscious state? To what extent do desires manipulate our thoughts and actions? Imagine desires as living thoughts, and we as human beings are dominated by desires. How is this going to impact our thoughts and actions?

Dancers: Katrina Finnigan, Paige McKelvie, Justine Park, Kiki Roberts, Kunio Tsuyuhara and Shayla Waschuk
Music: End Titles by Alexandre Desplat. The Hero Pack by Alexandre Desplat. Shinto Shrine by Alexandre Desplat. Sushi Scene by Alexandre Desplat.

I would like to express my appreciation to all of my dancers who have formed a safe space and have been supporting me in this creating process, all of your effort and work are greatly acknowledged and valued. Also, a huge thank you to Heather Ware, our instructor, who has been extremely patient and supportive throughout all of the ups and downs. Thank you all!

Shedding is the discovery of oneself. Removing all societal expectations in the search for one’s ability to reform into their own being. Relying on the support of one another, shedding allows us to pull back layers of doubt, fear and judgment. Stripping away unnecessary pressures, we find ourselves indulging in our own experiences as beings. Peeling back our own and each other's layers. Will we continue to conform or will we break free?

Dancers: Jill Sanborn, Alysha Cannon, Abigail Graham, Anika Nocera and Sierra Oszust
Music: This Place is a Shelter by Olafur Arnalds. Window by The Album. Youth By Daughter

A special thank you to Heather Ware for guiding this process and Jehad Kalaf for his rehearsal participation

What does it mean to collapse? An individual must question the outcome that may result from a decision they make. Now, does that outcome have the potential of collapsing?

Whatever collapse evens means. In House of Cards, we view an individual confronting the forces of collapsing while in the confinement of a collective. We shall recognize that the human body is still a structure; a structure that can simply collapse like a house of cards.

Collaborator and performer: Kalyna Howell-Matwichuk
Music: Your Day Will Come by Son Lux. Dream State by Son Lux.

Special thanks to Grace Campbell and Josephine Dickau-Duguay for participating in this creative process.

How do individuals maintain connections while discovering different avenues of self-expression? This work explores the possibilities of unity, searching for the underlying bond that unites us all.

Dancers: Rachel Anderson, Rylee James and Lavender Wong
Music: Wind Chime Sound Effect – Sound King. Pulse – Shigeto

I would like to thank my friends, peers, family, and Heather Ware for their feedback in helping me shape my piece. And of course, thank you to my dancers for their collaborative efforts and dedication to the work.

What is the meaning of individuality? And how do we cohabitate as a community while maintaining our individuality in a shared space, without assimilating into social conformity? Five explores the manipulation of shared space while obtaining uniqueness in its essence.

Dancers: Claire Winther, Allysan Lui, Jamie Stock, Elexie Tracy, Elena Toth and Sophia Frenette
Music: Égratigner; Tapis De Caoutchouc; Rythmé, Modifier; Cartouche; Flûté & Superposer; Balloune; Venteux, Mélodique by Benard Falaise & Martin Tétreault- Des Défaits.

Thank you dancers for your commitment and enthusiasm for the work, this piece could not exist without the diligence of your moving bodies. Thank you to all the tech crew, dancers and my fellow peers for your support in the creation of this work.


  1. Staff

    Director BRUCE BARTON
    Associate Director PENNY FARFAN
    Dance Division Lead MELANIE KLOETZEL
    Drama Division Lead CHRISTINE BRUBAKER
    Music Division Lead ROD SQUANCE
    Production Manager ANDREW NORTH
    Performance and Artist Coordinator KATHY RACE
    Communications and Marketing Advisor AURELIE MAERTEN
    Department Operations Manager MARY LOU MENDYK
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    Graduate Program Advisor ALISON SCHMAL
    Receptionist and Administrative Assistant ELIZABETH VIOLO

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