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Intensive studio training and inspired intellectual inquiry. We combine rigour with experimentation, discipline with creativity, and reflection with passion.

Why study Dance?

Dance launches you into a world of creativity. It provides an opportunity to fully experience yourself and your place in the world. The study of dance will heighten your senses, sharpen your perceptions, hone your physical skills, and draw your attention to cultural, social, and political issues around the world. As a diverse and well-rounded program, the Dance curriculum at the University of Calgary will provide you with the opportunity to explore dance from multiple perspectives. Delve into choreography, performance, technique, improvisation, production, dance science, global dance forms, dance pedagogy, history, and theory in order to understand the place of dance in the 21st century.

A unique place to study

Dance at the University of Calgary offers a number of opportunities that are unique to post-secondary dance education in Canada:

  • Earn a BFA for a focused study on Dance Performance and Choreography
  • Combine a BA Dance degree with a Concentration in Dance Pedagogy or Dance Production
  • Graduate with a combined BA Dance/ B.Kinesiology degree specializing in Dance Science
  • Complete the Healthy Dance Practice Certificate offered by Safe in Dance International for an exceptional entrance into dance education
  • Supplement your training by studying with the Professional Training Program at Decidedly Jazz Danceworks in Calgary

These distinct programs will provide you with first class preparation for a wide range of professional opportunities and vocations beyond graduation.

Enhance your degree

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Learn from international and national guest artists

Dance students at the University of Calgary regularly take workshops and classes from nationally and internationally renowned guest artists. Not only do these opportunities enhance student learning, but they also allow students to gain valuable contacts for post-graduate training and professional prospects. Learn more about current and past guest artists.

Perform on and off campus

Performance is central to the dance program at the University of Calgary. Students have the opportunity to perform regularly on campus, and even in the Calgary community, with local, national, and international choreographers. The Dance program is strongly tied to the professional arts scene in Calgary, fostering critical connections for your future career opportunities. See current performance opportunities > 

Travel with Group Study Courses

Broaden your world view and experience the cultural diversity of dance with international travel group study courses offered during the spring and summer semesters.

Dance in West Africa, Cuba, New York or Europe

Past courses have been hosted by Hamidou Bangoura and Les Ballets Africains in Guinea, by the Theatre Academy in Helsinki, Finland and by the Academy of Music in Łódź, Poland. Learn to be an ethical cultural traveller and ambassador of Canadian culture—it’s is a great responsibility and moreover, great fun!

Dance and Physical Theatre in Europe with W&M Theatre

For many years, faculty members Melissa Monteros and Wojciech Mochniej have provided opportunities for students to study abroad and make contact with the professional dance scene in Europe. As their professional company W&M Physical Theatre tours, groups of students and dance apprentices travel, study, and perform alongside the professional company. The most recent tour to Europe was in 2015, and an upcoming opportunity is planned for spring/summer 2018.

Study Abroad

You can choose to study abroad for one or two terms at an international partner university under the International Student Exchange Program without paying foreign student tuition, while earning credit toward your BFA or BA Dance degree. Find out more.

Or you can choose to study abroad at the world-renowned Trinity Laban in London, UK for one or two terms during the third year of your BFA Dance program.

Year 3 — Full year

Laban Units UCalgary Units

Technical training:
   Contact Improvisation

12 DNCE 405
DNCE 407
2 Options
   Resourcing Performance
DNCE 395
DNCE 431
DNCE 433
Practice in Context
   Investigating Arts Practice
   Historical Project
DNCE 481 or 427
Extending Dance Practice
   Dance & the Moving Image
2 DNCE 391 3
Total Units 30   30

What to do

  1. Check out the Trinity Laban Study Year Abroad program details
  2. Discuss your plans with the Undergraduate Program Administrator
  3. Apply to Trinity Laban
  4. Request a Letter of Permission (LOP) from the Faculty of Arts
  5. Attend a mandatory pre-departure orientation session with University of Calgary International. Contact for information about available dates/times of upcoming sessions.

Take the Professional Training Program at DJD

Students entering their fourth year can audition for the Professional Training Program (PTP) at DJD. This program can be used for up to six half-courses of credit towards open options in the BFA or BA Dance degrees. Students will be required to declare their interest by the end of second year. During the fall and winter terms of their senior year, students will spend their mornings at DJD and afternoons on the university campus, five days per week. Talk to the Undergraduate Program Administrator for more information.

Obtain a Healthy Dance Practice Certificate

Learn how to optimize your performance ability and career longevity while minimizing your risk of injury with a Healthy Dance Practice Certificate (HDPC).


  • Declare your interest in the HDP certificate by the end of your first year via email to Sarah Kenny.
  • Take the following courses:
    • DNCE 235 - Safe Dance Practice
    • DNCE 447: Dance Pedagogy - Community Populations
    • DNCE 449 - Dance Pedagogy: Children and Youth

The Dance Division is a Registered Provider with Safe in Dance International.

Create and share your student works

Dance students have the chance to create and share their creative visions in multiple presentation formats, whether filmic, choreographic or written. Students present their works in stage contexts as well as through conference-style presentations and informal studio showings.

You can view more examples of student work in DNCE 391: Dance and the Camera on Vimeo.

Degrees offered

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BA in Dance

Combines practical studio courses in dance technique, composition and improvisation, with theory courses in dance history, pedagogy, psychology, dramaturgy, management, design and production.

You can choose to enhance your degree with a concentration in:

  • Dance Pedagogy
    Designed for students interested in a professional career as a dance teacher for all ages.
  • Dance Production
    Designed for students interested in a professional career in the dance industry.

Program details

BFA in Dance

Focuses on studio training through concentrated courses in dance technique, choreography, improvisation and performance. This program also offers specialized training in dance for the camera, global dance forms and site-specific dance, as well as residencies and master classes from national and international guest artists.

Program details

Combined BKin (Kinesiology)/BA (Dance)

This five-year program highlights the relationships between sciences and the arts, emphasizing the importance of interdisciplinary perspectives in the study of movement.

Program details

Concurrent BA in Dance (with a Concentration in Dance Pedagogy)/BEd

This program offers you the opportunity to obtain both a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and a Bachelor of Education (BEd) degree within five years. At the end of this five-year program, you will receive two undergraduate degrees and certification through Alberta Education to teach in Kindergarten through Grade 12 classrooms.

Minor in Dance

Designed for students who are completing another undergraduate degree, but want to pursue their love of dance.

Program details

Awards and Scholarships

Dance students are eligible for many different awards and scholarships.
More information >>

Career opportunities in Dance

The career services degree profile is a valuable resource to find clarity and gain confidence on your career path. Take a look at potential jobs and industries, key skills & knowledge, and more that relate to a dance degree. 

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