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Submitted by darmstro on Thu, 12/07/2017 - 3:22pm

Why study Drama?

Within the School of Creative and Performing Arts we are reimaging artistry for the 21st Century.

Join a dynamic and supportive community of peers. Design your own program of study.  Combine rigorous artistic creation with advanced academic inquiry.

Drama is one of the oldest yet most immediate and rewarding ways of engaging with the world. Our graduates enter a wide range of professional and vocational careers and make vital contributions to society as artists and scholars in Canada and around the world.

A unique place to study

  • We provide you with a solid, broad-based foundation coupled with individually designed opportunities for specialization
  • We focus on graduating confident and rigorously trained creative artists and scholars
  • Drama combines advanced training in theatre practice and study with inter-, multi- and transdisciplinary approaches
  • Integration into the local and national performance industry will lead to ample opportunities after graduation.

Degrees offered


  • BFA in Drama
  • Concurrent BFA/BEd
  • Minor in Drama


  • MFA in Drama

Career opportunities in Drama

The career services degree profile is a valuable resource to find clarity and gain confidence on your career path. Take a look at potential jobs and industries, key skills & knowledge, and more that relate to a drama degree.