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Peter Moller

The Bus Stop

November 26 - December 4, 2021 • Reeve Theatre

By Gao Xingjian, translated by Shiao-Ling Yu
Directed by MFA Candidate Fangzheng (Nick) Wang

In The Bus Stop 车站, a group of citizens wait and wait, longing for the elusive bus to the ‘city’ to arrive – an idealized place where love, future, family, career all seemingly thrive. The Bus Stop becomes metaphor for our collective longing of the last eighteen months. Crossing languages, histories, geography and cultures, this 1980s Chinese play by Nobel prize winner, Gao Xingjian celebrates the shared vulnerability and aspirations in a post-epidemic era. With Mandarin subtitles 中文字幕


In-Person Performances: November 26 - December 4 • $22/$17
Streamed Performance: Saturday, November 27 • $5

Ticket information to follow.

University of Calgary SCPA Drama - The Tao of the World

Peter Moller

The Tao of the World

February 11-19, 2022 • University Theatre

By Jovanni Sy (freely adapted from William Congreve's The Way of the World)
Directed by MFA Candidate Jovanni Sy

In this free adaptation of William Congreve's celebrated Restoration comedy The Way of the World, the action is set in modern Crazy Rich Asians Singapore. After a global pandemic has kept everyone isolated for nearly two years, Singapore's wealthy elite try to make up for lost time by hatching schemes to bed other people's partners and to swindle one another out of dynastic fortunes. The Tao of the World presents a licentious and libertine world where the lessons of the pandemic may not have been learned.


In-Person Performances: February 11-19 • $22/$17
Streamed Performance: Saturday February 12 • $17

Ticket information to follow.

University of Calgary SCPA Drama - Formations

Peter Moller


March 28-29, 2022 • University Theatre

By Meg Braem
Created by Drama Faculty Christine Brubaker & April Viczko in collaboration with Dr. Glenn Dolphin, Geosciences

This end of season performance is an exciting collaboration between UCalgary Drama & Geoscience. It explores the lives of Marie Tharpe (1920-2006/ ocean cartographer), Eunice Foote (1819-1998/ atmospheric warming), Dollie Radler Hall (1897-1995/ discovery of oil using seismic energy), and Florence Bascom (1862-1945/ Geoscience educator) four under-recognized female scientists and their discoveries, and how the role of gender influenced their practice and how history recorded - or forgot them. This event is presented as part of the Alchemy Festival.

In-Person Performances: March 28-29 • $14/$11

Ticket information to follow.