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Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 09/28/2015 - 2:31pm

Work, learn and earn with co-op. Co-op education is designed to combine work experience with academic learning, so students gain direct, degree-related experience and business and technical
skills that give them a competitive career
edge upon graduation. > Learn more

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“University is not a race and it doesn't have an expiry date. It’s not about who finishes the fastest, but about the experiences you gain while you’re in it. Gaining work experience while you’re in university is easier and it makes life easier after graduation.”

- Robyn Ho, co-op alumna


“DO IT. I tell everyone I meet through Students in Communications, or even just class, to pursue the co-op program. It quite literally changed my life, and for the better. Pairing your academic skills with applied experience while still in university is instrumental in becoming competitive in your chosen field and learning about yourself.”

- Mia Loiselle, co-op alumna