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Recent CRFA-Funded Projects

The following are some recent projects that have been facilitated in part through CRFA support:

  • David Eagle (Professor, Music) traveled to Tokyo to attend the premiere of his new composition for quarter-tone free-bass accordion and to give a guest lecture at the Tokyo College of Music in November 2016.
  • April Viczko (Associate Professor, Drama) attended the opening of the Costume Design at the Turn of the Century: 1990-2015 exhibition at the University of North Carolina, Asheville, in August 2016. She curated the Canadian submission for the exhibition and also gave a master class while in Asheville.
  • Melanie Kloetzel (Associate Professor, Dance) toured her site-based performance installation Rooms to the Feats Festival of Dance and The Works Art and Design Festival in Edmonton in June-July 2016.
  • Valerie Campbell (Associate Professor, Drama) presented “Moving the Poetic Body: Authentic Movement and Embodied Speaking” at the Body-Mind Centering Association Conference in Montreal in June 2016.
  • Clem Martini (Professor, Drama) presented “Chronicling Crisis” at the Canadian Creative Writers’ Summit in Toronto in June 2016.
  • James Parker (Professor, Art) presented “Animated Lightning in Video Games” at the Canadian Games Association Conference at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Calgary, in June 2016.
  • Ron Kostyniuk (Professor, Art) conducted research in France for his neo-constructive sculpture project Monet’s Garden Series in June 2016.
  • Pil Hansen (Assistant Professor, SCPA) contributed a paper to the Choreography and Corporeality Working Group at the International Federation for Theatre Research Conference in Stockholm, Sweden, in June 2016.
  • Brian Garbet (PhD Program, Music Composition) presented Cymatic Representation of a “Mysterious” Noise Pollution at the Seeing Sound Practice-Led Research Symposium at Bath Spa University, UK, in April 2016.
  • Anna Mouat (Associate Professor, Dance) presented “Nineteenth-Century Social Dance Teaching Devices: Training or Torture?” at the Oxford Dance Symposium, New College, Oxford University, UK, in April 2016.
  • Laura Hynes (Assistant Professor, Music) organized and performed in the concert Raise Your Voice, addressing issues of violence against women, at the University of Calgary in March 2016.
  • Patrick Du Wors (Assistant Professor, Drama) presented “Canadian Perspectives on the Prague Quadrennial: Impact, Inspiration, Representation, and Future Visions” at a symposium on Transformations of the Prague Quadrennial since 1999 in Prague, Czech Republic, in March 2016.
  • Jennifer Eiserman (Associate Professor, Art) presented “Building Leadership Foundations through Empathy: The Homelessness Project” at the National Art Education Association Conference in Chicago in March 2016.
  • Jean-René Leblanc (Associate Professor, Art) was artist-in-residence at Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park in December 2015, where he worked on a digital photography project and gave artist talks and workshops.
  • Dawn McCaugherty (Associate Professor, Drama) co-presented “Impulse/Form: A Devised Theatre Creation Investigating the Intimate Relationship of Performance and Scenography” at the 2015 Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space in Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Anton de Groot (MFA Program, Theatre Design) attended the 2015 Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space in Prague, Czech Republic, where his thesis research on Bertolt Brecht’s Man = Man was included in the Canadian Student Exhibit, which he also curated.
  • Melissa Monteros (Associate Professor, Dance) and Wojciech Mochniej (Instructor, Dance) toured their performance Waiting Rooms in Heaven in Poland in April and May 2015.
  • Denis Gadbois (Senior Instructor, Art) traveled to Bangkok, Thailand to conduct field research and create panoramic photographs for the Asian Culture 360 Degree project in May 2015.
  • Linda Carreiro (Associate Professor, Art) traveled to New York City to install and attend the opening of her solo exhibition Inside Out of Words at the Centre for Book Arts in April 2015.
  • Anna Mouat (Associate Professor, Dance) presented a paper entitled “Dandizettes and the Grecian Bend” at the Oxford Dance Symposium, New College, Oxford University, UK, in April 2015.
  • Pil Hansen (Assistant Professor, SCPA) presented papers at the Cognitive Futures in the Humanities Conference at Oxford University and the Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence of Simulation of Behaviour Conference, University of Kent, UK, in April 2015. She also participated in workshops with the Practice-Based Research Network in the University of Copenhagen’s School of Arts and Cultural Studies and the Dance Engaging Science Network, Bielefeld University, Germany.
  • Robert Bailey (MA Program, Musicology) presented a paper entitled “Foreign Policy and Ideology: The Political Appropriation of a Swedish-German Jazz Orchestra Exchange, February 1939” at the Music Under German Occupation, 1938-1945: Complicity and Resistance Conference, University of Manchester, UK, March-April 2015. The paper was part of Bailey’s Master’s thesis, “Performing for the Nazis: Foreign Musicians in Germany, 1933-1939.”
  • Chelsea Rushton (MFA Program, Art) presented part of her thesis research, “Motherland: Life/Death/Life,” at the Humanities Education and Research Association Conference in San Francisco in April 2015.
  • Jean-René Leblanc (Associate Professor, Art) traveled to Halifax to install and attend the opening of his solo exhibition “Presentification of Paradise” and to give an artist’s talk at the View Point Gallery of Contemporary Photography in March 2015.
  • Michèle Moss (Assistant Professor, Dance) choreographed a new work, Jamais Vu, Deja La, for the "Queens Calling" showcase of women choreographers presented by Dance Immersion in Toronto in conjunction with Black History Month in February 2015.
  • Rebecca Flynn (MFA Program, Theatre Studies) traveled to England to do archival research for her thesis on the new woman in modern British comedy, consulting materials in the Lord Chamberlain’s Plays Collection at the British Library, the Theatre and Performance Collections at the Victoria and Albert Museum, and Special Collections at Liverpool John Moores University.
  • Ilkim Tongur (PhD Program, Music Composition) traveled to Istanbul, Turkey to conduct archival and field research and record materials for her doctoral research in music composition.
  • Patrick Du Wors (Assistant Professor, Drama) traveled to Toronto to work on the set and costume design for Against the Grain Theatre’s December 2014 production of Joel Ivany’s opera #Uncle John, a new adaptation of Mozart’s Don Giovanni.
  • Christopher Haworth (Postdoctoral Scholar, Music) presented his refereed paper “Sound Synthesis Procedures as ‘Texts’: A New Virtuosity in Computer Music” at the American Musicological Society Conference in Milwaukee in November 2014.
  • Rebecca Flynn (MFA Program, Theatre Studies) presented her paper “Suffragettes Under Cover: The Role of the Comic Female in Evelyn Glover’s Suffrage Comedy A Chat with Mrs. Chicky” in the refereed New Scholars Forum at the International Federation for Theatre Research World Congress at the University of Warwick, UK in July 2014. The paper was part of Flynn’s Master’s thesis on the new woman in modern British comedy.
  • In April 2014, Brian Garbet (PhD Program, Music Composition) attended the Victoria Symphony Composers’ Workshop at the Alix Goolden Hall in Victoria, BC, where his composition Northwest Passage was read through twice by a professional orchestra and conducted by Tania Miller.