Request a course evaluation

This form is for courses offered by the Faculty of Arts.

If you require a course you have completed at another institution to be evaluated for transfer credit, you must provide a full copy of the detailed course outline.

If you are planning to take a course on exchange and require a course evaluation, you must provide the most recent course outline available.

Course outlines must contain details such as course title and code, instructional hours, prerequisites, course description, required readings, and assessment breakdown. Course evaluations cannot be completed based on a short summary, such as a course description or an academic calendar entry.

Please note: we do not provide pre-assessments on language courses. Language courses will be assessed by Admissions on your return from exchange/admission into the program.

(e.g. Seoul National University)
Course number and title from the other institution that you want evaluated
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(e.g. Economics XXXX – Intermediate Microeconomic Theory)
Textbook(s) used for the course
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(e.g. Microeconomics, 3rd Edition by Billy Bob and Jane Doe)
Number of instructional hours and/or credit/unit/etc. value of the course
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(e.g. 6 ECTS, 3 units, 39 instructional hours)
The more detail you can provide, the better. If any critical information is missing from the course outline, such as the nature of the assignments, please provide specifics here. The course pre-requisite information is the most commonly omitted item from course outlines, but is very important as it helps us determine the level of the course.
(e.g. “I want this course to transfer as ECON 301” or “I want this course to be used as a senior-level ECON option (ECON 9XX).” Junior-level is labeled 2XX.)
A full copy of the course outline to be evaluated is required. We can review a recent course outline if you plan to do the same course in the future, but you must provide the specific outline for the course you completed in the past if you want that evaluated. E.G. We can’t rule on the course you did in 2016 based on an outline from 2020.
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