Request for a Prerequisite Waiver

All prerequisites for courses offered by the Faculty of Arts must be met with a minimum grade of "C-." Minimum grades in prerequisite courses are required to ensure that students have the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in more advanced courses. In exceptional cases, if students can demonstrate that they have equivalent knowledge to the prerequisite(s) listed, they may seek consent to enroll with a request for a prerequisite waiver.

In addition to demonstrating equivalent knowledge, students seeking prerequisite waivers must be (1) in good standing (i.e., not on probation or in the Academic Turnaround Program) and (2) have completed a minimum of 18 units.

Deadlines for submission:

  • Spring 2023: April 3 - April 24
  • Summer 2023: May 29 - June 19
  • Fall 2023: March 20 - August 28
  • Winter 2024: March 20 - January 1
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What extenuating circumstances do you think qualifies you for a pre-requisite to be waived? If you have completed the required pre-requisites elsewhere and are just waiting for credit to be posted, you should explain that here and attach transcripts and the course outline for the relevant course(s).
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This form is for courses offered by the Faculty of Arts.  If you are seeking a registration exemption for a course offered by another faculty, please connect with their undergraduate advising office for more information.