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Faculty of Arts Awards and Celebration of Excellence 2022

Honouring our best and brightest

Ever wonder why everyone experiences the world differently?

Undergraduate students can explore human diversity in a new pluralism certificate

Inclusion is important in how we build our cities, roll-out health care, and tell stories

UCalgary launches new Embedded Certificate in Pluralism and Global Citizenship for undergraduates across all faculties

2020 Barbara Schneider Student Writing Award Winners

The Department of Communication, Media and Film is thrilled to announce the 2020 Barbara Schneider Student Writing Award Winners

Indigenous researcher puts allyship under the microscope

Psychology research project takes hard look at nature and effectiveness of allyship with First Nations groups

Accessing mental health support

We can all experience mental health and well-being issues, but major life changes – like the COVID-19 pandemic – can trigger more serious reactions. Talking to a mental health professional can help.