April 11, 2022

New In-Person Philosophy Course in Spring 2022. PHIL 399.20: "The Way" in Chinese Philosophy

Students may be interested in this new in-person course offering in Spring term 2022.

An introduction to Classical Chinese Philosophy (~591–221 BCE) through the lens of the concept of dào or ‘the way’. We’ll read the Daodejing (Tao Te Ching), Kongzi (Confucius), Mozi, Mengzi (Mencius), Zhaungzi, and Xunzi to explore the meanings of dào – metaphysical principle; way to live; language/speech; teaching/doctrine – through these philosophers’ arguments about human nature, knowledge, virtue, language, logic, and ethics. This will be a collaborative, seminar-style course where the students and instructor will work through these texts and issues together during class time, with short lectures to set the historical, philosophical, and textual background. 

Offered Tue/Thu 9:00-11:30am (in-person)