May 5, 2021

Not “Fresh off the Boat”: An EDI Committee Blog Post Series

The UCalgary Psychology Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Blog

“Oh, they’re fresh off the boat” - an expression that many people of immigrant (often Asian) descent have heard at least once in their lives. Whether one is South, East, or Southeastern Asian; biracial or mixed-race; and/or a first- or even fourth-generation Asian-Canadian, this four-word expression reinforces a connotation of Asians being different or not belonging in Canada, despite being considered the “model minority”.  

In honour of Asian Heritage Month, members of the Psychology Department’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Committee will be offering a four-part blog post series for the month of May. This series will explore four perspectives on what it means to be Asian-Canadian and provide insight on how we, as individuals, can be better proponents of anti-racist work.  

Stay tuned for the following topics: 

1. Asian Solidarity

2. “What are you?”: Experiences of the Biracial, Mixed, and Racially Ambiguous

3. The Myth of the Model Minority

4. A Perspective on Education from the Child of an Immigrant