July 16, 2021

Open Spots for SPAN 532/632 and SPAN 471 in 2021 Fall Term

There are still seats available for SPAN 532/632 and SPAN 471 in the upcoming fall semester! The courses will be taught by Dr. Nayibe Bermúdez Barrios

SPAN 532/632 - Neoliberalism in Latin American Cinemas (TR 11:00-12:15) will explore the representation of the political and socio-economic model known as neoliberalism. Cinematographic technique, genres, social theory, and film theory will be discussed through the viewing of films focused on immaterial labour, the market, private neighborhoods, and social relations. Undergraduates should register for SPAN 532, and graduate students for SPAN 632, however the courses will operate within a single class. Students will have the opportunity to interview a Latin American film director and create their own 1 minute film (example here).

Watch Dr. Bermúdez Barrios’ video about SPAN 532/632

Films covered in the course: Ya no estoy aquí (I Am No Longer Here, Fernando Frías de la Parra, 2019), La Zona (The Zone, Rodrigo Plá, 2007), 7 cajas (7 Boxes, Juan Carlos Maneglia, Tana Schémbori, 2012), El hombre de al lado (The Man Next Door, Mariano Cohn, Gastón Duprat, 2009), El método (The Method, Marcelo Piñeyro, 2005), and La cara oculta (The Hidden Face, Andrés Baiz, 2011).

SPAN 471 - New Latin American Cinemas (TR 14:00-15:15) will study the cinema of this region in its historical, political, and social context. More specifically, the course will investigate the meanings and links of transnational and contemporary industrial changes taking place in the cinemas of Latin America. The films studied will offer a glimpse into aesthetic changes, film audiences, and genre conventions and innovations. Social theory and film theory will guide class discussions.

Films covered in the course: El agente topo (The Mole Agent, Maite Alberdi, 2020), Parallel (Isaac Ezban, 2018), La camarista (The Chambermaid, Lila Avilés, 2018), Zama (Lucrecia Martel, 2017), La tercera orilla (The Third Side of the River, Celina Murga, 2014), Juan de los Muertos (Juan of the Dead, Alejandro Brugués, 2011), La cara oculta (Andrés Baiz, 2011), and Crónicas (Sebastián Cordero, 2004).