Aug. 7, 2023

Prof. Michael Collins retires

The department celebrates Dr. Collins' academic career

After graduating from UNB in Surveying Engineering in 1982, Michael began his radar remote sensing career analyzing airborne radar images for Dome Petroleum in Tuktoyaktuk NWT. After obtaining his MSc in oceanography from UBC and PhD in Earth and Space Science from York University, Michael started teaching at the University of Maine in 1993. He and Ramona moved to Calgary in 1994.  Since then he has worked at the University of New Brunswick, University of Texas, University of Edinburgh, as well as the Jet Propulsion Lab In Pasadena CA.

Michael thoroughly enjoyed teaching undergraduate engineering students at all levels and won numerous teaching awards. Throughout his  career he strove to make the course material interesting and relevant. His graduate students have all moved on to engineering and technology careers and he is proud to have known and worked with each one of them.

Now that he has retired Michael will spend more time on the squash court, the swimming pool and the bike paths and hiking trails. He would love to hear from former students and colleagues at