June 11, 2021

Recent Publications by Frank W. Stahnisch

Professor Stahnisch has been author/editor of numerous publications over the past several years. A selection follows below.

Creating the Future of Health: The History of the Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary, 1967-2012

Book by Robert Lampard, David B. Hogan, Frank W. Stahnisch, and James R. Wright Jr. Published February 2021. 

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Bedside and Community: 50 Years of Contributions to the Health of Albertans by the University of Calgary

Book edited by by Diana J. Mansell, Frank W. Stahnisch, and Paula Larsson. Published February 2020. 

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A New Field in Mind A History of Interdisciplinarity in the Early Brain Sciences

Book written by Frank W. Stahnisch. Published March 2020.

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Psychiatry and the Legacies of Eugenics Historical Studies of Alberta and Beyond

Book edited by edited by Frank W. Stahnisch and Erna Kurbegović. Published July 2020.

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Selected Papers on the History of Medicine and Healthcare (2014)

Book edited by William J. Pratt, Lesley Bolton, and Frank W. Stahnisch. Released November 2019. "Sebastian K. Littmann (1931-1986): A Pioneering Advocate of Family and Community Psychiatry in North America" is also co-written by Frank W. Stahnisch.

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