UCalgary’s First Student Equity Census Launched

This Census is critical to supporting an equitable, diverse, inclusive and accessible campus community

This month, UCalgary’s Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (OEDI) in collaboration with the Office of Student Experiences and the Office of Institutional Analysis (OIA), will launch its first Student Equity Census to collect data on gauging the composition of our undergraduate, graduate and post graduate community. 

Among the purposes of this online Census is to better understand the composition of the UCalgary’s student body in relation to the wider community and, in doing so, identify trends and patterns that will inform evidence-based decision-making to create equitable pathways at the university and to improve the student experience.

“Championing the needs of our students is paramount,” says Dr. Susan Barker, PhD, vice-provost (student experience). “The data from this Census will help inform decisions about how we evolve existing or add new programs, services and supports that are both accessible and inclusive of what students require for an equitable educational experience. This is a commitment that we must, and can only, see through together.”

Census responses from members of our student community will be analysed and used to evaluate patterns and trends, identify and address any institutional barriers that may impede student success, and development supports and services.  Knowledge from the data will assist the OEDI in measuring progress and in developing an EDI strategic plan to achieve the university’s commitment to building an equitable, diverse, inclusive and accessible campus community. 

“This survey is important. The results provide us with a snapshot of the composition of our student community,” says Dr. Malinda Smith, PhD, vice-provost and associate vice-president research (EDI). “Disaggregated data and intersectional analyses will provide a baseline to help us better understand ourselves — who’s here, who’s missing, and potential barriers that may impede equitable pathways to, and success within, our campus community.” 

“Students have encouraged us to do this for years. We need this information to be able to make evidence-based decisions, as well as to monitor our progress over time. The data will also help us fulfil our commitment to an equitable and inclusive campus in which all members can flourish.”

Students are asked to complete the Census by Dec. 31, 2021. UCalgary is committed to EDI data transparency. Annually, any new data will be included on the EDI Dashboard and in the annual EDI Report to the Community. Responses will be aggregated for anonymity, with personal identifiers such as UCID numbers removed. 

Visit the Student Equity Census website to learn more and take the Census, or email equity@ucalgary.ca if you have any questions or comments.