Aug. 29, 2019

Busiest Move-In Day in UCalgary history kicks off Sept. 1

More than 1,000 first- year students set to move in for fall 2019 term
Students with suitcases come to campus
Move-In Day is scheduled for Sept. 1, 2019. Riley Brandt, University of Calgary

Even though Move-In Day isn’t until Sept. 1, it’s already breaking records, Residence Services is welcoming more than 2,700 students to their new home on campus on Move-In Day, kicking off Fall Orientation Week.

An unprecedented 1,045 first-year students are moving into campus alongside 1,700 returning students. The reason for this record-breaking serge varies, but it seems to lead back to the importance of community, student experience and quality learning.

Community on campus

The wide variety of housing options offered by Residence Services — including shared dorm-style rooms for first-year students to full apartment living in upper years — emphasizes the importance of a supportive, healthy academic and social environment that will help students find the connections and experience they seek at university.

Lakshmi Sangaranarayanan, associate director for Residence Services, says living on campus is second to none — especially for students looking for an authentic, vibrant environment to live and learn in.

“Living on campus isn’t just about housing. It’s about environment and access to resources that strengthens student experience on campus,” Sangaranarayanan says. “Move-In Day is a celebration of that, and also a great way for students to meet their new neighbours and explore their new home at UCalgary.”

Students carry boxes on move-in day

A record number of first-year students will move in to their campus homes Sept. 1 on Move-In Day.

Riley Brandt, University of Calgary

Resources, support and connection

The UCalgary campus is teeming with activity, but not all that activity is in the classroom. For students living in residence, access to academic support, leadership and volunteer opportunities and wellness programs, along with proximity to classes, The Landing which provides All You Care to Eat dining, recreation facilities and social events make living on campus a no-brainer.

What to look for on Move-In Day

On Sept. 1, more than 300 student and staff volunteers will be on hand to welcome and help them get settled into their new home on campus.

Look for the many information booths at the Service Fair located in the Dining Centre. Knowledgeable staff and volunteers will help students navigate their meal plans, talk tenant insurance and answer any questions they may have about living in residence. Unicard, Active Living and other student resources will also be on hand to answer any questions students may have about campus life.

“Year after year, Move-In Day is one of the most exciting days on campus,” Sangaranarayanan says. “For most first-year students, this is their initial foray into campus life, and we are all ready to support them in their many successes throughout their time at UCalgary.”