July 4, 2019

Professor's expertise included in climate change report

Professor Rudiger Tscherning participated on an expert panel convened by the Council of Canadian Academies (CCA) to identify Canada’s top climate change risks.

The panel's report, Canada’s Top Climate Change Risks, identifies the top risk areas based on the extent and likelihood of the potential damage, and rates the risk areas according to society’s ability to adapt and reduce negative outcomes. These 12 major areas of risk are: agriculture and food, coastal communities, ecosystems, fisheries, forestry, geopolitical dynamics, governance and capacity, human health and wellness, Indigenous ways of life, northern communities, physical infrastructure, and water.

The report describes an approach to inform federal risk prioritization and adaptation responses. The Panel outlines a multi-layered method of prioritizing adaptation measures based on an understanding of the risk, adaptation potential, and federal roles and responsibilities.

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