Sept. 17, 2020

Science Takeover to share the wonders of science in new and exciting ways

Week of free online events features learning opportunities to spark scientific curiosity
Virtual Science Takeover! September 21-27, 2020
The Virtual Science Takeover takes place from September 21-27, 2020.

The Faculty of Science invites everyone to be a “scientist at home” during Science Takeover, a week of free online activities and live demonstrations right from Faculty of Science researchers’ labs.

Science Takeover is a partnership between the Faculty of Science and the Calgary Public Library to bring the awe and wonder of science to people of all ages from Monday, Sept. 21 to Sunday, Sept, 27.

The events are free and open to people of all ages. All activities take place in the evenings or on the weekend.

Experience the awe and wonder of science in unexpected ways

Science Takeover coincides with Science Literacy Week, a national initiative to encourage understanding and participation in science. Programming kicks off on Monday, while presentations throughout the week include interactive activities, live demonstrations, a film screening, and Q-and-A sessions. The events are sure to spark curiosity in everyone with an interest in science, whether they wish to expand their creative mind or examine some of our planet’s tiniest specimens. 

Know a young aspiring author? A teen science fiction writing workshop and anthology project, Getting to Proxima Centauri b, runs all week. Teen writers are invited to join space physicist Dr. Eric Donovan, PhD, and science fiction writer Heather Clitheroe for a workshop to learn about the star, and create fiction and poetry that will be collected for an ebook anthology to be placed in circulation through the Calgary Public Library.

Live, interactive demonstrations on building and understanding neural networks and investigating parasites bring virtual experiences right from our researchers’ labs that will make participants marvel at how some of the smallest entities on Earth can have such a big impact on how our world works.

Those interested in the wonders of the night sky can get a glimpse of how citizens and scientists can work together in discovery with a screening of Chasing STEVE: A Mystery in the Night Sky. The short film follows a group of night sky photographers from Alberta who discover an unknown celestial phenomenon. Following the screening, participants can ask questions about this newly discovered light in the sky, in a Q-and-A discussion with the filmmakers, photographers, and Faculty of Science professor of physics and astronomy Eric Donovan.

Aspiring filmmakers can learn about the elements that go into making a blockbuster animated movie from an extremely credible source: vice-president of global technology at DreamWorks Animation (yes, that DreamWorks), Andrew Pearce, BSc’84, MSc’88. In an online conversation as part of Alumni Month, Pearce will discuss what he has learned in 38 years of computer graphics, visual effects, and animation. 

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