Feb. 7, 2018

Student interests assured in Mac Hall settlement

Students’ Union recognized for significant contributions through Stakeholder Rights Agreement
Students' Union President Branden Cave and University of Calgary President Elizabeth Cannon.

Students' Union President Branden Cave and University of Calgary President Elizabeth Cannon.

Riley Brandt, University of Calgary

The Students’ Union (SU) and the University of Calgary (UCalgary) have worked collaboratively to negotiate two important agreements for Mac Hall, a Stakeholder Rights Agreement (SRA) and a Management and Use of Space Agreement (MUSA), which settle the lawsuit over ownership of Mac Hall. 

The Stakeholder Rights Agreement recognizes the significant contributions made by the SU to the construction and redevelopment and past management of Mac Hall. The agreement grants perpetual rights to the SU for the life of the building, including the right of the SU to be the building manager, the right of the SU to occupy their current space, and the right of the SU to operate their businesses in Mac Hall. Read the SRA.

The Management and Use of Space Agreement is a 10-year operational agreement governing the management and use of space in Mac Hall for both the SU and the university. Read the MUSA.

“The Students’ Union is thrilled to be entering an era of expanded trust and co-operation with the university. This represents an era where our considerable investments in Mac Hall — financial and otherwise — have been recognized and secured for the life of the building. The Stakeholder Rights Agreement, to the best of my knowledge, is unlike any other in Canada and reflects the spirit of innovation that epitomizes the University of Calgary.”

- Students’ Union President Branden Cave

“By working together the SU and UCalgary have built a fair and equitable settlement that ensures Mac Hall will remain an important hub on campus for the benefit of students and the entire university community for years to come. We look forward to the SU resuming building management of Mac Hall and to continuing to work with them collaboratively in the future.”

-UCalgary President Elizabeth Cannon

The agreements resolve the issues that were the basis of the Mac Hall lawsuit filed by the SU in 2015. The lawsuit is discontinued. The SU and the university agree that the university owns the building, while the historic Stakeholder Rights Agreement ensures that student interests are assured and represented through the SU for the life of the building.

The university assumed management of Mac Hall on Oct. 17, 2016. The MUSA returns management and operations of Mac Hall back to the SU in an expanded capacity. The SU is expected to be fully managing Mac Hall by May 1, 2018.   

Read the Mac Hall backgrounder and Mac Hall Frequently Asked Questions. More information on the new agreements is available on the Students' Union MyMacHall and the UCalgary Mac Hall Negotiations websites.


Students’ Union President                                         University of Calgary President
Branden Cave                                                            Elizabeth Cannon