Aug. 18, 2021

Women of Science Audition

Audition Date: September 11, 2021



WOMEN OF SCIENCE (working title) 


Audition dates: September 11th


We're looking for performers for a new play called Women of Science written by Meg Braem and directed by Drama Faculty Christine Brubaker. Production Design by Drama Faculty April Viczko. Dramaturgy by Eden Middleton


Script Workshop:

October 18th-30th    

 Monday-Thursday 6-10pm/ Saturday 10am-6pm



February 14th – March 26th

(no rehearsal during reading week Feb. 20th-27th)



March 28th & March 29th  SCPA  Alchemy Festival

July 3-7th   (1-2 perf exact dates TBD)  Geoscience Conference UCalgary

August 6-16th  (2-3 performance exact dates TBD) World Stage Design Conference 


The play 

This end of season performance is an exciting collaboration between UCalgary Drama & Geoscience. It explores the lives of Marie Tharpe (1920-2006/ ocean cartographer), Eunice Foote (1819-1998/ atmospheric warming), Dollie Radler Hall (1897-1995/ discovery of oil using seismic energy), and Florence Bascom (1862-1945/ Geoscience educator) four under-recognized female scientists and their discoveries, and how the role of gender influenced their practice and how history recorded - or forgot them. This project will be featured as part of the Alchemy Festival, the Geoscience conference (July 3-7) and World Stage Design Conference (August 6-16th). 


What we're looking for 

4 Female Identified actors.  Any age, shape, size, ability, and ethnicity. All are welcome. 


For the Audition

Please present a 1-2 minute contemporary monologue and share a story about you and science. Could be an anecdote about Grade 11 chemistry class, maybe your at-home dissection of a spider when you were eight, or your life-long fascination with quantum physics.  Should be personal, and no more than 3 minutes.  Should make you smile 😊


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** Drama majors can qualify for a performance practicum for participation.