The Faculty of Arts values equity, diversity and inclusion

Members of the Faculty of Arts march in the Pride Parade

Equity and Diversity Committee

The Faculty of Arts’ Equity and Diversity Committee works to fulfill the Faculty’s commitment to build a genuinely diverse community in our Faculty and deliberately seek ways to increase equity and diversity in all of its facets. Diversity includes, but is not limited to, race, ethnicities, religions, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities and backgrounds.

The committee engages in activities that:

  • Promote an inclusive institutional climate that reflects, respects and celebrates diversity.
  • Raise awareness of discrimination and unconscious bias among faculty, students and staff.
  • Support members of the Faculty of Arts who experience discrimination at the University.
  • Ensure training opportunities for mentoring all faculty toward tenure and promotion and over the course of their careers.
  • Provide resources for effective inclusive pedagogies that support the learning of all students.
  • Create awareness and a shared sense of responsibility among faculty, staff and students to promote a learning and working culture that values equity, diversity and inclusion.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion are key components of the Faculty of Arts Strategic Plan.

2023-2024 Equity and Diversity Committee Members

  • Aruna Srivastava, Chair, Associate Dean, Pluralism and Inclusion
  • Saulesh Yessenova, faculty member, Department of Anthropology and Archaeology
  • Nancy Janovicek, faculty member, Department of History
  • Ryan Burns, faculty member, Department of Geography
  • Pil Hansen, faculty member, School of Creative and Performing Arts
  • Joe Kadi, faculty member, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program, Department of Philosophy
  • Andrea Protzner, faculty member, Department of Psychology
  • Erin Sutherland, faculty member, Department of Art and Art History
  • Leslie Salgado, graduate student, Faculty of Arts
  • Ruvimbo Mutyanda, undergraduate student, Faculty of Arts
  • Luis Armando Sanchez, undergraduate student, Faculty of Arts
  • Constantina Caldis Roberts, staff member (AUPE), Department of History
  • Rachel Bruce, staff member (MaPS), Arts Students' Centre

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