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Academic Requirements has replaced Degree Navigator as the preferred tool for academic advising and degree audit for undergraduates in Arts, Business, Education, Engineering, Nursing, and Science. For information on accessing the Academic Requirements tool, visit Academic Requirements (AR) Tool

As a student in the Faculty of Arts, you have access to Degree Navigator, a university-wide web-based program that allows students to chart their progress through the requirements necessary to complete their degree programs. It is a flexible and secure resource that all students can access through their My U of C portal.

Not all of the Faculty of Arts' programs can be accessed through Degree Navigator. If you are a student in a combined degree, double major, or if you have a minor in your program, it is best for you to consult your program advisor to find out how Degree Navigator may be applicable to you.

With Degree Navigator you can:

  • Keep track of the limiting regulations of your degree
    Degree Navigator will display the parameters of degree programs which students are required to be aware of as they progress through their programs. This information is located within the first chart on the top, right hand side of your Degree Navigator. Important program limits to keep in mind are junior (200 level) course limits, courses within the major field, D grades and transfer courses. Exceeding these limits could result in losing course credit in your program.

  • View the required courses in your program
    The bulk of Degree Navigator is designed to chart student progress in meeting the different groups of requirements that exist in their degree program as outlined in the Academic Calendar of the year in which they were admitted. 

  • Audit different degree programs offered by the university 
    This function allows you to see how both your completed courses and current course registration could be applied to a degree program that you may be considering applying to. * Note that this evaluation is unofficial.

  • Explore how different course selection scenarios would impact your ability to meet degree requirements
    This function allows students to theoretically add a specific course to Degree Navigator to see if, and how, it would work to meet a certain requirement. This function is most helpful at registration time!

Launch Degree Navigator

* PLEASE NOTE: Degree Navigator is not an official degree assessment and students need to meet regularly with their program advisors to ensure they are on track with their program.



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